Jameis Winston on Breaking His Losing Streak, “To God Be The Glory” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights



    He hasn’t had a good tasting W in a while, but I’m sure he’ll go back to that L diet, he loves eating those lol

    Yoboi Boy

    Dooky 😂😂😂

    Ally Andreini


    aaron berhane

    Dooky no he’s on a W diet Ls are to much calories


Am I the only one who still has faith in him?


    Not at all. He’s still a young man

    J M

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career awful QB’s don’t win ask Blane Gabbert


    IMO he just doesn’t have it between the ears. That’s his downfall not that he’s not trying but that he just isn’t consistently smart enough. But he definitely isn’t by himself because neither is Cam.

    Christopher Graves

    @J M he is awful and that’s the bottom line no team wants him but buc fans cause the are as delusional as they come

    Rell Facts

    @brianm I think the Bucs would have been got rid of him if they were in a situation where they were a perennial playoff team ala Blake Bortles and the Jags. But it’s clear they have not been in the last five years. Winston hasn’t been the only bad part of the team and they acknowledge that. So even if they were to bring a new QB into the fold, it would do no good. Defense appears to be better and the run game looks to be improved so if all those remain the same. Then it really is up to Winston this year.

Webster Kollie

The Bucs defense made the Panthers offense look like they were playing blindfolded lol

    Ally Andreini


    Goy George

    Both defenses were pretty great!

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Webster Kollie Cam Newton had the most stat line ever, I think it was 23-51 333 Yards, 0 TD’S, 0 INT’S. That’s just terrible, why throw it that many times?

Roman Ades


    Ranch Blanc

    Lemme eat dat W!!

    Ally Andreini


    Bryan Smith

    Roman Ades 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Freedom Fighter Brandon Harris


    Jawanza Wetzel


Migos NBA Reactions

Almost ain’t recognize joe Thomas 😂

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound


Chimill Rimbert

I wanna see him do well this season

    Robert Spaulding

    He legit has no choice but to do well. It’s win or bust this season.

    BIG DA

    Robert Spaulding yep it’s either keep that starting job or backup

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    He wont be playing in tampa next season


    Chimill Rimbert I do too but from what I’ve seen from the first two games, it looks like it’s gonna be a rough season

    Canick 684

    @Barr Especially against the Niners



Alison Shore

Ah I see he opens up his bakery once again.


True florida st fans love this guy! And wish him the best.

FakeUser NameTwo

Jameis definitely did better than Cam.


    FakeUser NameTwo cam looked back out there

    Rowdy Jr.

    Lmao I think he has mad beef with him because of Auburn and Florida State. 😂


    Yea, But it’s clear their both average at best QB’s.

    nalim lattarai

    Ahmad2423 L Cam is good

HTX 713

Everybody wants to see Winston win I dont give af who you are the guy is a very good dude

    brian green

    Robert Spaulding not worse than baker Mayfield or Ben rothlisberger

    Stan ezen


    nalim lattarai

    R3D Gaming roeth

Ben Hagos

Winston should have had 3 TDs if Perriman and Evans knew how to use their hands…

    Ravens Spot

    Ben Hagos yeah bro, Perriman can’t catch at all, that’s why my Ravens cut him


    @Ravens Spot Fax

    andy original

    Seriously Evans is a top notch receiver double covered all game and didn’t get very many good throws to him.

    Arion Starks

    Ravens Spot That was an awesome scrimmage last Sunday! Can’t wait to see your Ravens in their season opener this week

    PGD Panda

    Arion Starks 😂

Crispy Chris


    A *Wal

    Lol..I’m pretty sure God don’t care about football.

    Crispy Chris

    @A *Wal Than explain to me why there is a team named the Saints

    Sick Intentionz

    @A *Wal possibly but he does cares about his kids playing it.

    Darrell Campbell

    God is real through all things


Definitely ain’t a bucs fan but I’m rooting for this guy!!


    He’s been nothing but a disappointment since he got drafted. Rooting for bad players is like staring at a wall hoping it blinks.


    Dooky not true.

    Derek Deford

    Dooky maybe Bruce can fix his decision making. So far mariota looks like the better the qb.

    Dan Kullman

    Michael Irvin talking to Jameis Winston….. old school scumbag and POS new blood.


As a saints fan I respect this man. He’s a humble dude

    The InvictusSamaritan

    TheNATHANDOUCET I’m a Saints fan too, I love Jameis, I’m really rooting for him because he hasn’t had a good head coach until Bruce Arians came in. He can be great this year.

    Jake Green

    @The InvictusSamaritan saints fan aswell but our division is a mess atm lol anything can happen if we somehow lose to the rams

    Bay Area

    Humble?!?! Lmfaoooo are you an idiot?!

Kevin Costello

Why not give it to gam to run it down the middle?

Surf Surfing

Why does the Winston thumbnail look like a Photoshop cardboard cutout?

Jose Recio

Jamies “our defense played a great job” Winston


I wish Jameis didn’t get as much hate as he gets. Hope he continues this success.

    Wally Jackson

    brian green no it’s because he’s played like garbage for the majority of his career

    brian green

    Wally Jackson alot like Derek Carr… Andy Dalton …and baker Mayfield then right?


    brian green People constantly bury Carr and Dalton. Stop playing the victim card.

    Wally Jackson

    brian green Derek Carr played very solid the first 3-4 years of his career, and Andy Dalton has been average to above average for the majority of his career… Jameis hasn’t shown anything since his rookie season that he can be a solid starting QB in this league. If you think it’s a race thing, then you are sadly delusional

    Wally Jackson

    brian green Also nobody praises Derek Carr or Andy dalton, so that wasn’t a good example my dude

Unknown Memes

congrats to jameis!As a panthers fan i thought it will take coach arians alot longer.

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