Jameis Winston on Being Selected As One of the 2019 Captains | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Ben Hagos

Gonna pray for Jameis this sunday behind that loose leaf paper thin o line

    Kent Jackson

    Ben Hagos 😂😂I’ll be right along witcha

    BucsFan 727

    LoL idiots

Aj Sewsankar

Sorry Jameis but this isn’t another great year kicking off. We haven’t had great years…. well in years. We go as far as YOU take us. I like your leadership though I’m still hoping your the qb for us for the next 15 years.

    BucsFan 727

    The defence was the weak link last year. Winston and the whole team has to step up. If you didnt know football is a team sport.


    In that context he was talking about kicking off a great season of football in the joy it brings him personally. I don’t even know what your point is here


Heeeeyyy! I can hear the reporters. Thank you!

Westcoast 57257

He ain’t ready

    Westcoast 57257

    BatedStudent44 lol. Your team sucks.


    @Westcoast 57257 all trashtalking aside ggs and may the best team win.

    Matthew Williams

    BatedStudent44 we will win 😀

    Ron Class

    But Bosa a ghost

R.I.C !!

I really hope we do good I’m saying the niners should be a guaranteed W

    Terrance Williams

    @Sxnowzyy Worse than years prior? Not stats wise. Mid Tier

    Carlos Green

    Sxnowzyy how bout them niners

    Carlos Green

    Terrance Williams come join the niner bandwagon before its to late

    Terrance Williams

    @Carlos Green Im cool Bro.

gregory dujardin


BucsFan 727

You see that shirt pin and mic club? BUC U. 😆

Smooth Sahlin

I love Jameis but the guy is so oblivious. That shirt does not look good for our QB to be wearing, especially with his national brand problems.


    The Bucs gave them that T shirt his rookie year. Go back and look at the first time he wore it before mini camp.

    King Jacob

    What’s wrong with the shirt I don’t get it?

    Dewayne Boone

    Buc university

Kenny Sem

Niners will dominate


    Kenny Sem not week 1 tho😂

    Ron Class

    …with the most turnovers


    Ron Class huh?

    Dommy Dench

    I agree


Reporters are disrespectful asking someone about someone else’s money. Way to deflect that Winston.

    Ryan Mobley

    Exactly! Handled it perfectly.

ivan fletcher

sure hope this young man has turned a corner

Tyler Snakovsky

Super bowl champs

Geoffrey McLean

Where can I get his shirt? Got to have it now💪🏾💪🏾

Ron Class

Bucs 31
49ers 13

Joey Thornton

Lets go Bucs! Cant wait till October when they come to Nashville… I hopefully will get to meet Him finally as I have sideline passes!

SaintsBoss 88

I want that shirt

Benjy Rowell

Nice shirt. Glad Jamies has mentally matured . SMH


    Stop hatin SMH! It’s a nice shirt 😂🙌

Dommy Dench

“To serve my teammates.” Not “To lead my teammates.”

Winston sucks.


I’m a Falcons fan but I’m hoping the best for Winston. Best of luck this season Bucs!!✊

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