Jameis Winston Commends the Defense | Bucs vs. Panthers Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Shea Mac Reply

jameis i’m one of your biggest critics, but good job today

    FBI Agent Reply

    I doubt he’s reading this comment ever.

    Shea Mac Reply

    FBI Agent i’ll just text it to him in the morning

conference Justice Reply

Jameis you keep playing like that you will win game’s .

    Keshawin Gilley Reply

    The quarterback isn’t the only player on the field.

    conference Justice Reply

    @Keshawin Gilley
    Yes I agree all 53 player’s on the field needs to play that way all the time .

Parish D Reply

Great job today Winston, limited mistakes and took sacks when u had to. Add in the Perriman missing the TD catch and Evans not making a better play could’ve had 3 TDs

    Noles fan89 Reply

    I thought the same thing gotta make them catches in your hand especially in the end zone

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    Time for Perriman to ride the bench or get cut for Watson to start and Scotty to get on the dressed roster. Perriman looks lost out there. Also OJ better step up or its Tanner Hudson time!

    Aj Sewsankar Reply

    Tbh. Perriman has not been helpful at all. He drops soo many passes. I’m sure Scotty Miller would be great in that 3rd spot. Perriman might make a handful of big catches this whole season. I see us cutting ways with him during the season or benching him.

Adam Perry Reply

Yeah sucks not seeing Evans and Howard do anything so far but I’ll be take the W and Barrett & Hargreaves stepping up

    Noles fan89 Reply

    Evans dropped one in his hands in the end zone first half got to catch those

    Adam Perry Reply

    I know Evans had a big gain but we’re used to seeing him with the 100 yard games and a TD or two and hasn’t been able to do either one of those yet that’s all I meant, he’ll catch up tho obv

    BucsFan 727 Reply

    Bro you know those guys. They will win a couple games on there own. We need them to play there best ball in December.

    Aj Sewsankar Reply

    Chase of Spades that’s not something good though. That kinda means he’s allowing a lot of catches. I know some of his tackles are going after receivers though. And he’s the oldest cb on the roster. But he’s no shutdown corner. I think he’s average currently. Which means that he’s just a qualified starter. Nothing more nothing less. Resigning him would be smart if he’s not looking for anything more than 7-8 mil per year. More than that and we overpaid as usual (gholston, Jensen).

    Duc Duong Reply

    Aj Sewsankar the dude is 24 I believe, he’s a really young corner bro

Majed Haron Reply

Much better my guy. Keep it up.

Jasey Smith Reply

You know the sad part is that fans was burning their Winston jerseys last week. And I’m proud of him!!!

    Bobby Attwood Reply

    Man go look at last weeks comments.. im a strong jamies supporter he need time to learn the new offense ..

    AUS10 Reply

    The problem has always been consistency! Give us another game like this next week and I’ll feel a little better

    Han Solo Reply

    The defense won this game. Winston just didn’t throw a pick. If he throws for a 1000 yards and limits the turnovers this season the Bucs will be fine.

    Bobby Attwood Reply

    @Han Solo cam missed open reciever after open receiver we wont always get that lucky ..

    Devlins10 Reply

    After the first game even. People need to get a life.

R.I.C !! Reply

Dude managed the game this is the Winston we need he has plenty of talent

Kent Jackson Reply

Good job 👏🏽 let’s go way to protect the ball & not force it.. ya D gotcha back I know you didn’t have the luxury to have a Defense or run game when you started your career unlike some others now you finally got one to help take the load off

cptamazing12 Reply

Good game Jameis! Proud of your effort and attitude it will only grow positive and your talents will truly show eventually I believe 👍🏻👍🏻

reginald jackson Reply

My FREAKING QB.. great job.. continue to improve and strive to be the best

Bobby Attwood Reply

Thank you peyton barber … smashed softy mccoy .. the d is top ten .. jamies looked better and more comfortable in the offense

whitesworld 23 Reply

Our defense was super clutch. Even with the suspect penalties. Let’s keep this up! That connection will come to Mike.

Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos Reply

Winston knows how to bounce back from bad games.

amanda miller Reply

Great game, J-Dub! Bruce has his back and you can see his confidence. Bowles transformed Defense and WATCH OUT!!

Kenneth Sarvis Reply

That’s my 🐕 jaboo I knew u could dew it !!! Always keep getting better! 👼🏾

Edward Kitchens Reply

Way To play to the End bucs the old bucs cam would have ran all over us protect the ball no interceptions or fumbles and we will be in every game this year easily Go bucs 🏈

RBI 352 Reply

To the so called Bucs “fans” who are Winston haters, eat a W!

    Aj Sewsankar Reply

    RBI 352 I’m a Winston fan. Always defend him because of his lack of coaching. But 61 interceptions in 5 seasons and still going. Won’t speak from no one else but that’s not hate, that’s disappointment. I’m sure we all had high hopes for him. But he just hasn’t panned out so far. Picture Lamar Jackson on our team. Or kyler Murray. Or even josh Allen. Those qbs would have fun in our offense. But Winston looks like he’s nervous in the pocket. Which I get considering our o-like has been terrible for years and litcht doesn’t seem to see that protecting the qbs will developer the qb faster. And open the run game. We literally have close to the worst o-lines in the nfl. They are the reason Winston has to create miracles.

BucsFan 727 Reply

This was the most disciplined game I’ve ever seen Jamies play. Great game.

Ancila Bennett Reply

I was blasting Jameis last week. This week I’m giving him the credit he deserves. Good game Jameis.

Bim Henderson Reply

Winston did everything he could to lose this game but the defense wouldn’t let him.

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