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Jamal Agnew Takes the Kickoff 100 Yds to the HOUSE!

Jamal Agnew turned on the afterburners and returned the kick 100 yards for a touchdown. The Detroit Lions take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Josue Tejada Reply

I think maybe the Lions are a surprise team in the NFC

    Gamer Boi Reply

    I’m a lions fan and idk

    Juan resendiz Reply

    I like it man, just to early to tell.

    antonio guglielmetti Reply

    I’m a Lions fan as well but I might as well be of fan of them blowing it considering they’re the best at somehow losing even when it seems like they’re about to win

    Animelytical Reply

    Week one showed me everything I needed to know. That’s not happening

    Jarrod punkinman Reply

    Nfc is tough this year early to call im a lions fan i hope but the nfc north is tought as hell this yeahr 3 teams in the top 12 right now we will see how it filters out

weelgunny Reply

Surprised that fat ref didn’t pull a hammy down the sideline

LigitSavage66 Reply

He did that in 2017 as well bro that’s crazy

    Don Mega Reply

    What against he eagles ?

    LiKe_a_ Boss_04–_– Reply

    @Don Mega no he did it against the saints and giant’s in 2017

Luis_Is _Goated Reply

Lions better beat the Eagles

    Ranae Kesecker Reply

    Well lions have not won a Superbowl

    Endangered Memes Reply

    @Ranae Kesecker what has that have to do with anything y’all just won your first super bowl 2 years ago

Lane Reply

Blue Lions better win, or Edelgard will be smug as hell for weeks!

    Michael Shan Reply

    Lol surprised that this many people understand the Fire Emblem reference.

Animelytical Reply

Bloody hell

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply


Shelton Ellis Reply

Looked over this and they wasn’t even running after him

Antz Spam YT Reply

I wonder how edp445 felt about this

Phat Dawg Reply

Hes back boys

first/m /last Reply

Can the lions not play a close game in my life!? I kind of hate them.

    Clark Mane Reply

    Yea but the games are so entertaining.

    ZombieZifiction Reply

    lol when they’re up by a lot they let the lead slip away and when they’re down by a lot they come back in the 4th. there’s no in between

    first/m /last Reply

    @ZombieZifiction it’s insane.! All my life and I’m old.

    MisteMiner Reply

    I know, even when they’re the better team they play down to their opponents level

Ray's Boating and Adventure Reply

What more can you say!

Spicy Lemon Reply

Well, RIP Eagles 2019-2020 season if this keeps up.

Moe Bazzi Reply

The poor Refree on sideline try to catch up with Jamal but Damn Jamal was Way too Fast. Crazy TD.

Chowdz zz Reply

Literally ended our season

rich Bennett Reply

The Lions almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory — again.,.

Anh Vo Reply

Dude ran like i run from the police

Diogo Durand Reply

Why is Jamal not in Madden 20.

Boomer Bagwell Reply

Ultimate Redemption!

Antoine Reply

“No penalty on the field” … pretty sure Agnew is getting a speeding ticket!

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