Jamal Agnew on kickoff return for TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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socalion90 Reply

1st tehe

Jacob Lamb Reply

Pretending the Fox 2 news reporters arm is Agnew’s arm.

    AlienSource TV Reply

    I’m dead!🤣🤣🤣Funnyshit boy! That was good!

    AlienSource TV Reply

    Hes like , screw it I’m gonna hold my own mic…. with this little pudgy arm!🤣

Joe Reply

Great to see Agnew come out of his funk 💯

Don Bur Reply

One word!! Redemption

south side Reply

Way to step up pro bowler I believed in you

    Michael Lyons Reply

    south side 👆🙌💯 #facts #onepride #oneteamonedream

Jack Miller Reply

LIONS first kickoff return TD since 2013!

Dennis T Reply

Great F-In FINISH. Change Our Culture Change Our World 🌎.

Saucin 1 Reply

Oh but I thought he should be released? Stupid lions fans

    Gamer Boi Reply

    Don’t speak for all lions fans

    Saucin 1 Reply

    @Gamer Boi *most

Dee Simmons Reply

Keep da fight

Dee Simmons Reply

I seen kick returner like that lions 🦁 sent 2005

bigperm079 Reply


GeorgeWKush Reply

proud of you agnew. way to bounce back kid

Hell Rell Reply

Way to keep ya head up homie!! Do it again against KC and we can steal a win.

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