Jamal Adams Takes Flight on Pick 6 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jamal Adams Takes Flight on Pick 6

Jamal Adams intercepts Jarrett Stidham and takes it back to the house. The New York Jets take on the New England Patriots during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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JeremyRykerGaming Reply

God Bless Jamal Adams

    Sanusuke Wan Reply

    F. A. L. K.

    AGK927 Reply

    Hey dude I make nfl videos take a look

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Jamal Adams is the next Rodney Harrison

savy Reply

And everyones gonna act like the pats are slipping because of the two pointless TDs smh

    Son Goku Reply

    EZ win

    Dell Cross Reply

    SMH wys cuzz

    Jack Lambert Reply

    Jared Volle it wasn’t Tom Brady so it’s irrelevant to the patriots at full strength

    Amethyst The Darkrai Reply

    @Jared Flores A Backup threw that. All good Chief. He still learning the TB12 Method.

SAV Likko Reply

The only highlight they had based on the score💀

    aaron berhane Reply

    Jets will be good one day and I’m a Packers fan

    islandblader Reply

    Besides the muffed punt for a TD

    JetsMetsCanes117 Reply

    Ur not wrong. Final was 30-14 and the game wasn’t that close.

Andrei Solzhenitsyn Reply

For the first time today I smiled

    aaron berhane Reply

    Andrei Solzhenitsyn same

    Ricky Parmar Reply

    Wasn’t Brady

    Andrei Solzhenitsyn Reply

    Ricky Parmar ik

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

NFL you drunk. Stidham got intercepted for the pick 6. IDC what anybody says. Patriots’ offense looks different without Edelman.

    Gucci Mane Reply

    LeBrons trash

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

    @Gucci Mane yeah. We know you took out Lebron’s trash from the trashcan this morning. Good job. Here’s you recognition award. lmao

    Gucci Mane Reply

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career LMAO thank you ma’am much appreciated


    @Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career The most satisfying moment from last NBA season was LeBron sitting on the couch during the playoffs. Hoping for a repeat this season 😂💯

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Different without James white you mean

aaron berhane Reply

Adams and Leveon rock those Jets jerseys 👌🏾🔥

    Liionxyz Reply

    but dont rock the game…

    toyota yaris Reply

    Anyone else notice that they look like the saskatchewan rough riders jerseys from the cfl lol, same way the titans revamped jerseys look like the toronto argonauts

    The Legend27 Reply

    @Liionxyz Not their fault the rest of the team isnt good enough.

Aztec Aidan Reply

No one on the pats is trying. It’s 30-14 no one cares about the Jets pointless pick six

    Gio H Reply

    Yankee Fan101 shut up. That was his first drive. You can’t expect everyone to be really good in there first drive

    Gio H Reply

    Yankee Fan101 lol your on drugs I can tell. That jets safety is NOT the best safety in the nfl, he’s not even close

    Beyond Ghost Reply

    Patriots didnt cover because of that pick 6

    Vibe Reply

    Yankee Fan101 Clearly you don’t know football. He’s not the best safety in the league kid😂

    Gio H Reply

    Vibe exactly

Tommy Reply

and thats the difference between a Brady NE and a backup NE

Michael Lyga Reply

Once Brady retires the NFL will be at peace.

    Rick S Reply

    Shawn Christianson Dude said Mahomes is the new problem like there’s not a A Rod problem still is my point. He’s finally got team he doesn’t have to play hero ball for to get a win.

    Michael Lyga Reply

    @everyone this just means Pats vs Chiefs AFC title game again. With Frank Clark instead of Dee Ford, the Chiefs will probs come out on top.

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Once Brady and belicheat leaves

    Daniel O’Conner Reply

    As long as Belichick is still around the NFL will never be at peace, Brady’s just a part of the system that can be replaced in his eyes.

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    @Daniel O’Conner Brady’s going to play until he’s 55 and belicheat is going to coach until he dies

Kai223noa Reply

And the very next series TB12 is back in the lineup.

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Because belicheat is a cheater

    Brandon _ Reply

    Dee Manns lmao

Arlo Bierman Reply

Jamal Adams is a great player and has a great personality

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Yes he is problem is the team isn’t winning

    Arlo Bierman Reply

    Jets fans be like today WHAT THE FALK

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    @Arlo Bierman lol

Apachified Reply

defense still has yet to allow a TD for the first time since january. the streak continues.

    marcus dupey Reply

    Jets offensive suck trust me it will break

SirGluttony _ Reply

This title is so misleading…. I thought Adam took flight…

    Monkey George Reply

    Right he was jogging past everbody

Corey Theus Reply

They keeping Brady til he’s 65

Taprman Reply

The jets sucked so bad that none of their points were from the offense

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Right now we do because we had a third string QB

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    That Luke Falk suxxx

Mac Ronan Reply

VS THE BACKUP QB! When you’re playing against the 2nd string there’s not much to be impressed about… jets are lucky bill called the dogs off em.

Nathan Zhang Reply

legit it’s not Tom Brady so it’s not significant

stéphane A Reply

Bill will get back to not making the playoffs without Brady.

Cory Bernstein Reply

I’m glad the jets scored touchdowns in foxboro for first time since 15

J Reply

I saw the title and knew it was a backup qb.

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