Jamal Adams Press Conference (9/4) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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P Nyce Reply

Jamal Adam’s is gonna dominate on D as usual!

Slightly annoyed Jets and Celtics Fan. Reply

Best safety in the league

Thereal One Reply

Jamal brought this jets swag I love it 🔥🔥🔥

Danny Woo Reply

If Jamal Adams stays for more than 5 years, then we should Franchise Tag him. Cuz like 99% of our draft picks leave after 5 years.

TryB3GØD Reply

I love this 🚫🧢

Poppy ChuloDostito Reply

GO GREEN…. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Zan Ex Reply

33 will be legendary in NY like 56 one day

    Daniel Roberts Reply

    He’s going to be like Jachai Polite lol?

    Nigward Reply

    Daniel Roberts Lawrence Taylor smh 🤦‍♂️

Valerie Bennett Reply

Love dis dude!!!! J e t s!!!!!!!! He gonna have help our corners

clash man Reply

The Prez is meant to be on the playoff stage every year. Not many other players can ever say, they play harder then Jamal Adams, every second of every game!

Bear 7453 Reply

Stop the run game and you beat Buffalo; all they can do is run the ball.

    Ant Lombardi Reply

    Bear 7453 but they have a good defense

    Bear 7453 Reply

    Ant Lombardi so do the jets

Keshawn Wickware Reply

Fly ball Wright brother Jamal smart asf

Bdog Games And Vlogs [HyperShot7] Reply


Donald Schaefer Reply

The Jets offense will be on the field all day long😁👍

John Reply

One of the better safeties in the league..but isnt his strength better against the run and tackling after the catch..? Not necessarily a better pass defender .

Cheese N Crackerz Reply

Greg Williams gonna have a fun time coaching this Stud

Nigward Reply

Drinking game: take a shot everytime Jamal says “it’s simple”

John Lane Reply

Good interview. I like his answers. He’s going 2 be a big part of our success. JETS!

Kawhi Leonard I Reply


    Kawhi Leonard I Reply

    remember when drake was obsessed with rihanna #smh

    Kawhi Leonard I Reply

    *aubrey6god if you’re reading this its already too late

Big John Stud Reply

This brother is trying so hard to be a badass that it comes off phony

Nicholas Antonicello Reply

It would be nice to press some turnovers and INT’s this year. Bell is overrated, and until he has some games under his belt was this a mistake or is this AB east? The Jets need this game on Sunday and hopefully it will work out, but how many “champions” are on this roster?

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