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Jack Dorsam


Nick Hunter

You can really tell he’s bummed out…

    janice ginexi

    Nick Hunter rightly so , they lost the game , duhhh

    Bear 7453

    I’d be bummed out too if I was a great young defensive player and my team can’t win a single game. How much longer should he have to deal with losing?

Tell Frederique



If he leaves I will be so sad. He’s my favorite player

    Solo MarcoPolo

    Mine 2




    I love jamal but we need to trade him for a 1st and a 3rd. He is not signing here long term. Jamal is the type to compete for championships, he doesn’t care about the money. Hes leaving to Dallas regardless.

    Jake Ingram

    @Anthony did you not just hear the man say he is mad about the fine of 21K like 7 times??? he will want CJ Mosley money, and man will get that bag from a contending team.

Bo Jangles

Idk how this guy stays cool with such stupid questions being asked.

William Leonard

Jamal please don’t leave!!! We are almost there. Don’t pull a Jalen.


    William Leonard What team have you been watching? The Jets are easily 3-4 years from being a playoff team.

    Jay Pen

    SaintNick71 we need an o-line and the tides will shift dramatically. With protection we can be in the playoffs easily. We have backups and 3rd stringers on defense and we were in both games.

    The Home Team NYC

    Shucks man, pull Jalen into #NewJackCity so our D can dominate and we stack these Ws! #JetUp #TakeFlight 🛫✈️

    John Cena

    SaintNick71 I mean the jets are missing 8 starters including Sam . Of course they aren’t gonna be good right now.

    John Cena

    Jay Pen exactly. Monday night Jordan Jenkins went out with injury so that left them with no starting LB. Copeland suspended, mosley out, Avery done for year.

BSmith Shoes

Jamal please don’t give up on us we love you

Uncle Rico

“You gonna appeal your fine?”

These reporters really love trying to make people angry when they’re down.

With that said, hope the Jets rally from Monday just so Jamal doesn’t leave lol

LEagle Eye's Wentz

What Happened when they Hard Drives My Qarterback twisted His Whole Ankle Back??There should of been s Flag I think He took two Hard ones

LEagle Eye's Wentz

Stay Humble Jamal!!

Highly Skeptical

Goodell is a thug… he shakes these players down with ridiculous fines for playing the game.

Hiesenberg Walt

Jamal, for your own health and success, you must leave the NYJ franchise… it’s a chronological failure every season… and it’ll never change

Josh Silver

Manish with the crap questions


    Josh Silver i cant stand him idk why hes still there interviewing

clash man

Jamal, i don’t care what any one says, the QB can be the leader in the media light, but you sir as The Safety of The NY JETS, Are The Face of The FRANCHISE, & rightly so man. We Finally have our own Ed Reed/Troy polumanu mix of a safety. Keep doing you Jamal, we The Real JET Fans appreciate it every game day! Go JETS!✈👍

Ninja Dude

Jamal you’re the goat and the heart and soul of the team and the fans. Please stay with the Jets for life


He’s gone. Enjoy the Rams

Salvador V. Rodríguez

He has said WE DEM BOYZ hopefully he will come to dallas!


Love this guy! Please stay a jet your whole career. Dude is so funny “play tag “

sobalz1FSU's channel

That was not a late hit also the ref that was 15 yards away threw the flag.
Complete Bullchit

Bear 7453

Keep your head up and keep grinding please ! The team needs you jamal, we all know you wanna win but with the roster and coaching it’s gonna take some time, but when it happens it’ll be worth it and hopefully they can get a winning streak going.

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