Jamal Adams Postgame Press Conference | New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
carlos Gonzalez

Best pair of safeties

clash man

I hope this wasn’t his last home game as NY JET for JAMAL ADAMS THE 🐐 Safety! I hope he is a JET 4 LIFE! He is The Heart & Soul of this team, organization & City!

    Blunted Vegas702

    45 years a Jets fan they trade Adams I’m done…no more dealing with stupidity..i won’t support an organization that would give Adam Gase the keys and lock Adam’s out….seriously ill throw all my jets crap out if they trade the heart and soul of our team

Genghis Khan

What did Lev do?

Josue Medina

Jamal seem a lil mellowed out


    He just missed 2games and that killed him and he also matured a little

Uncle Rico

Really hoping he stays. I see no reason at all to trade him unless he demands one (which i wouldnt blame him).

Also, Maye balled out today

Donald Kephart

I hope they never split you and Maye up. Great job boys JET UP BABY

    Jonathan Mendez

    I hate Maye I dont think he is any good. Hes had 1 terrific play and that was yesterday. That Steeler make that catch we be saying opposite of Maye. Hes not consistent enough, I trade him if anybody


    @Jonathan Mendez I love maye he’s had a spectacular season. You barely ever hear his name. We better sign him am extension soon.

Oso Eazy

Imagine trading this man smh shouldn’t even be a discussion

Jonathan Mendez

Hes a Lifer!!! If not I’m done with Jets

    Blunted Vegas702

    Me 2 they trade him im done after 45 years i can’t support an organization that would trade this guy…im 100% serious im done if they trade him

Sly11B Enal

Pure class. Go JEts! LoVe from AZ. 1 of about 6 JEts fans in a tri state area of 90k+


    AZ here too. JETUP!!!

Quis 1on1

Great job today Jamal played great I really really hope he breaks that record next week 2 more sacks man that’s all 2 more.

Blunted Vegas702

The best Jet’s player by far….45 years a Jets fan….trade this guy and I’m done…i wont support an organization that would make that mistake…i won’t support that kind of stupidity..seriously..as a Jets fan i am dealt with shity players season after season but this guy is obviously special and if my team doesn’t understand that then they will never fuckn get it!!!!!

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