Jamal Adams Postgame Press Conference (at Patriots) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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SeanNotShawn83 Reply

Ya’ll are wasting prime years of the best safety in the league.

    Bear 7453 Reply

    Unfortunately, you’re right.

    JFO Reply

    Hes not in his prime yet.

    Patrick Cardoso Reply

    Man, hes gonna be playing, And when him and CJ come back healthy. With Sam and Bell. Streak.

John Pestano Reply

i’m with you Jamal through the tough times you do find out about yourself. i do think as a whole we need to play a complete game which we have yet to do. i hope this bye week brings some good luck to us we need it.

    Dark Demonik Reply

    NY and Astros fan? Toot Toot much MET FAN? rofl

    John Pestano Reply

    @Dark Demonik my god really man i’m so tired of this. so i’m from NY i have to like all NY teams right. you can’t like no other teams this is the most stupidest thing i ever heard.

    Dark Demonik Reply

    @John Pestano Toot Toot…… I must of hit the triggered button Met/Astro fan lol

    Dark Demonik Reply

    @John Pestano You sounds like a stupid troll? Toot Toot…………….

Dark Demonik Reply

Jamal gets a pick 6 against a scrub QB BIG DEAL. He has not made ANY PLAYS all this year that has impact games. I called out Leonard Williams after his SUB PRO BOWL year about playing like JANE and looks like a monster. Look at Leonard Williams now…. Leo is a MAJOR BUST and im not saying Jamal is Leo i think he will get it together but he needs to mature as a player. His sad moods is not going get the media to feel sorry for him maybe the few fan boys will feel sorry for him but he needs to show toughness just to think the Jets passed on MaHolmes and Watson for the 2nd best player in the draft that year in Jamal Adams he has pressure on himself as well to justify his draft status. Injuries is no excuses this team is just BAD PERIOD

Bear 7453 Reply

I hope the wins come and they come soon, a person can only try so hard and give so much up until a certain point! I pray that the locker room stays together and close and this season gets turned around while it still can be.

JFO Reply

We dont deserve jamal adams.

The Youngest Basketball Coach Reply

Can Sam please come back

Michael Caywood Reply

Better luck next time guys. Let’s go New York Jets! Let’s go New York Jets! Let’s go New York Jets! WIN WIN! WIN!


Manish Mehta in the back seeking for a headline

    Adam Ross Reply

    Lol he twisted Jamal’s words to knock his coaches


Best Jets reporter is Connor and worst is Manish and Rich Cimini

Joel Punch Reply

His jacket is as gay as a rainbow, and he wouldn’t have got that pick 6 if he wasn’t playing 15yds off the receiver

Chester Anderson Reply

Sam can’t save this team we have a piss poor o line , he’ll be running for his life just like the others

Spid3y4hire Reply

0:50 Adams got caught with a good point hahahaha

Ralph Reply

Jets definitely has to beat Eagles after bye week. Gase has to figure that out. Actions speak louder than words.

Quis 1on1 Reply

Play calling has to get better man this game on the coaches

Jon Jonson Reply

All the talent on this team and all you do is LOSE. Great job Adam Gase Heheheheheheheheh

txmoney Reply

Five wins this season. Anything less and it’s back to the drawing board…starting with a new head coach.

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