Jamaal Williams, Standout Linemen And Allen Lazard | Three Things – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ohnoturkay Reply

this is what i needed today!

    -CALI- GBPacker559 Reply

    Same here

Big B Reply


    Henrik BTW Reply

    Big B ..?

    Big B Reply

    @Henrik BTW THE GOOOOAAT 🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Mr Mathews Reply

    The goat gotta catch those. Let’s go JW!

    Tie One On Reply

    This is Williams burner account!

    Big B Reply


Adrian Buck Reply

Happy to hear that Rashan Gary seems to get the skill part of being a pass rusher together. Didn’t like him drafted at 12 overall initially because he was just so raw and therefore the bust risk was pretty high.

    Randy Moss Reply

    Bust risk is high

cody shepard Reply

please fix your finger larry!!!!!!!!

Ronnie Rodriguez Reply

Take the mask off your outside

    Ben Simon Reply

    Shut up lol

    Randy Moss Reply

    And social distance

Mitchell The goat Reply

Love da three things

-CALI- GBPacker559 Reply

Love to see my guys practice but I can’t wait to see them play in a game.

Inderjeet Samplay Reply

Sign Tom Grossi already please

    My Mom Reply


    Bricky River Reply


    Eric Sigersmith Reply

    What about antonio brown?

    My Mom Reply


    Mr.KnockTheBitch Nd take her chips Reply

    Eric Sigersmith no Tom gossi

Best Trees & Landscaping Reply

Finger is freaking me out lol

    Devante Moseley Reply

    Thought I was the only one

Ronnie Blanton Reply

Time to see what rookies and everybody gonna do opening kickoff. Go pack rockem sockem time

Erik Jacobson Reply

Awesome to see Allen Lazard getting some love!!!

Pack Attack Reply

Gary looks so much bigger and stronger than his rookie season, I hope he can turn out to be like Clay Matthews.

    Casey Fisher Reply

    He’s got the drive, athleticism, and the size to be great. If he does improve his pass rush moves and gets more comfortable he will deliver.

    Joshua Kraft Reply

    He has all the physical tools to be better that CM

Russ Lardinois Reply

Williams trade bate during the season.

    WilsonNatureScapes Reply

    No way. He still adds a lot of value especially in the passing game and pass protection.

Robert Preston Reply

Very Glad to hear left guard Elgton Jenkins is having a strong 💪 camp.

Frank Killinger Reply

Sign Tom grossi for wr plzzz

John Wilson Reply

I’m looking forward to see how Allen Lazard performance this season. GO PACK GO

    Ronnie Blanton Reply

    Lazard that is

Lachronic Reply

Feel like this defense could be top 10 this year.

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