Jamaal Williams is ready to return to the field – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Blake Reply

how do u not love this guy? GO PACK!

Adande Scrubs Reply

Glad he’s ok. Obviously Jones is the top back but a 65/35 split would be cool man. Keep em fresh. Both of them have great attitudes

Fernando Marin Reply

Lets go, hes the big back for those short yard situations

Drew Z Reply

did you really just call touchdown tugs?

Mgtow Farmer Reply

It was a dirty hit… no way it wasn’t

    AGK927 Reply

    No, just a big collision

    MrOuchiez Reply

    @AGK927 You were clearly watching a different game.

Zip Molly Reply


Daniel Seliger Reply

Sponge Bob fittin’ to eat on Monday.

Shawn Colvin Reply

Yess hope to see him monday night!! He played catch with my mom n I last yr. Be nice to meet him again. My moms fav player lol

brayden finch Reply

Letsgoooo spongebob 😤

Packersfan 12 Reply

Major upgrade over Tra Carson

Devin Cheatham Reply

I mean I’m happy that he’s healthy but as far as the good part I’m not so sure. Dexter Williams needs to be given a chance to shine

    Eric Masters Reply

    He’s hurt

Ben Stokolosa Reply

Welcome back Jamaal
Go pack go

Gregory Horton Reply

Jamaal you are the man sir! #GOPACKGO

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