Jalen Hurts Top Plays Through the First Six Weeks of the 2022 Regular Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jalen Hurts Top Plays Through the First Six Weeks of the 2022 Regular Season

Watch ALL of the top plays from quarterback through the first six weeks of the 2022 regular season. Highlights include rushing touchdowns, passing touchdowns to wide receivers DeVonta Smith and Quez Watkins, and more.

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Steven Z


Queen Angie




Jabb Chico Ganggg


Jersey G

Franchise Qb

Vignesh S

Superbowl bound this season🔥. I can feel it

    Devin Stepp

    Honestly who can stop us? I’m not saying it’s a lock but there’s not a single team in the NFC who I look at and think “we can’t beat them”

Alpha Star Omega

Hurts is a bad man right now!! Go Eagles!

jack's smirking revenge

QB1 = MVP💯🦅

Average User

People are still disrespecting this man. Nothing he does is ever enough it’s crazy but he refuses to crumble due to his otherworldly maturity and work ethic.

    Kelly Johnson

    FACTS. The great thing is that he could care less. It’s the WINS that count.

    Eagles djBrown


Doyell Brewton



The Surface has Barely Been Scratched Yet.

Mack Sanders

I will say this the Eagles 6 and 0 but still hasn’t played a full perfect 4 quarter game yet to many close game good teams don’t let teams come back on them if your defense is so good i have lose faith in J Gannon 🏈

    John Omalley

    We all know Gannon idle the problem but what can we do

    Justin Ellis

    Nah our offense also hasn’t played a complete game since week 1

    John Omalley

    @Justin Ellis I agree I think our coaching is what’s holding us back

Javier Ray McCallum

Jalen hurts is the man

Andrew Phillips 🦅

The future MVP 💯

Thomas Acker


Eagles Powerhouse Nation

Damn how y’all forgot to put the TD pass to AJ brown from the cowboys game in ther

BEBA Alicia💃 Creations

🏈🦅 Jalen Hurts the real deal 🤝 🏈🦅Touchdown papi 🏈🦅coming soon 7-0 🏈🦅Eagles babe Eagles 🏈🦅

Broheim gamer 17

He is the real franchise quarterback for the the Eagles

Brandon Dimick

That’s my quarterback!

Ben Wilson

Keep doubting Jalen and see how much it Hurts when he keeps winning

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