Jalen Guyton: It’s Been A Lot of Work | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lil Pump


Lava LifeGuard

Too bad he won’t make the 53 but maybe the practice squad

    Austin Barron

    With that play last night ?? There should he no doubt

    metalmaniac 101

    Yeah he’s definitely not getting a spot over Devin Smith and Cedric Wilson, he made one play all preseason and that was against a fourth string defense.

Jayden Robles

This kid would shine with more play time hope he makes the roster

ETC Mob.

This clown looks like he just got out of an ICP concert.

Robert Bennett

This young man BELONGS in the NFL, especially with that single – handed effort on the touchdown. There’s no doubt they see something in his abilities. TEO receptions for 80 Yds is a GREAT 🌟 START! 🏈

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