Jakobi Meyers: “As long as I’m paying attention, I feel like I’ll get to where I need to be” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

He’s gonna be a starter Game 1.

    Leena Shrestha

    H C no cap

    H C

    @Leena Shrestha no cap for?

    Bryant Turner

    @H C Damn right my dude.

Natasha cutie pie

Put this man on the team!

Razor Leaf

Keep up the hard work


This man has been killin it in training camp wish him the best

NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting

Malcolm Mitchell with healthy knees. He’s going to be a great compliment to Edelman moving the chains. Not a home run threat but a solid wr with good hands that will keep converting first downs.

    Ty D

    Like what I saw, Hopefully he can add some muscle


    You do know that mitchell retired right?

    Ken Dyer

    @Sailadun yes. He is saying that Myers is Mitchell if he stayed healthy.


    Ken Dyer ty it was the wording that was weird for me

Jack Harper

He better make the roster

D Lit

Mans got starting material no cap.

Jane Doe

Everyone blow up all patriots official pages and spam players comments with his name we need the organization to know that we notice and appreciate his approach to the game, we need him to stay❗


    He is one of THE WINNERS right now. No way he is not saying

Kobe Neal

Jakobi myers is an future all – star.

Jin Chang

Very humble. Perfect Patriots prospect!!! Good luck to you Jacoby. I’m definitely rooting for you!!

Russ Hartman

Well, well looky what we have here……this years Diamond in the rough!
Rock on young man, we’re gonna need you this year.

AJ Amorelli

Sounds like a real Patriot already, I get good vibes about this kid.

Steven Stoddard

He already sounds like a patriot wishing you nothing but the best


This guy is going to be a star for a long time. Very mature and team first with a great charachter

Patriots Global

He brings a lot of great aspects to NE but being Undrafted is probably the biggest thing going for him especially coming into the organization with that quality. Great things coming for him

    LeVar Upshaw

    & being a former QB as well

    LeVar Upshaw

    From what I’ve read about him is that he understands route concepts. & when and when not to sit down in the zone. I really think he will make the 53 man roster & be a big asset to the team this year. LETS GO FOR 7….

Joseph Mellen

I love the answer to the first question. He obviously understands that “The greatest mental freedom is to truly not care what others think about you”. He is a keeper.

Bryant Turner

Jakobi Meyers is going to win his 1st Super bowl his rookie year. #Patriots4Ever

Charly Gr. v.L.

Let’s go, Jakobi – do your JOB –

Michael Murphy

I must be old because I will never get used to men wearing earrings.
But I love this guy’s attitude, work ethic, frankness and ability.


He chooses his words carefully to not sound overly confident. Sign him.

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