Jake Kumerow believes a ‘hungry’ receiver group is ready to step up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Simple X.

Kumerow may have a field day. I like our chances if he plays.

    J Mo

    I think hea our best receiver besides Adams

The RC Podcast

I can’t wait to finally get this guy involved with Lafleur’s scheme

Ed Bailey

Scrappy white guy SZN!!!

Fernando Marin

I hope so

Logan Peters

Go Kumerow Go!

J Mo

This is the guy to be next to Devante. I dont trust Geronimo or Scantling

    Gary Ridgeway

    J Mo this is they guy next to davante? This dude has proved absolutely nothing

    Yooper eh?

    I kumerow is definitely a sleeping giant. Health is the key though :/. But g mo has major upside. He’s so lonngggg. Good hands. But ya can’t fumble the balllllllll!!!! Go pack

    J Mo

    @Gary Ridgeway you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Hes a great route runner, he doesn’t drop the ball, and he knows what to do when he gets it

    JJ Lahey

    I think MVS is great, he’s had a couple of incompletions that were his fault, but I have a lot of faith in that man.

    J Mo

    @JJ Lahey he can get down the field here and there, but I don’t trust him in big moments. Kumerow’s whole demeanor is calm, cool, collective. Just watch… it starts Sunday. Remember I said this…

stephen batchelor

Are they ganna play him tho?? I hope so

Ice Alik

Touchdown Jesus!!!!

Yooper eh?

Kumerow is a sleeping giant the eye test doesn’t lie. But. Gotta stay healthy and know the playbook! Let’s go kumerow!!!! Fan favorite in the making.

Stephanoe Wilks

The TD Jesus Has Returned!!!!!

Ash Paladium

Wonder if Jake will ever play. Played two snaps and has missed two games supposedly hurt. How does that happen? Almost as if the Packers just said he is hurt so the fans wouldn’t get pissed off.

number 1 pack

Lets go pack

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