Jake Delhomme Induction Speech – Hall of Honor | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jai Norman

He was a terrible quarterback

    Jimmy Duncan

    @Chris Renzi Cam and Jake are both good why diss each other

    Chris Renzi

    Jimmy Duncan yeah Cam is just hurt. He needs to get healthy

    Sam Reiger

    Your dumb my guy probably the 3rd greatest panther ever

    Shelly Long

    Jake says in his Speech he was bad. But he did make it to the SB.


Jake is my all time favorite player and I couldn’t be happier that he’s earned his rightful place in Panthers history. 🏈🐱

Terry Barfield

Jake was a good QB, but he is a better person.

Waka Chavez

We love ya jake!!!

Kenneth Flowers

Jake was so tough and so much fun to watch 2003 panthers forever.


i love you jake thanks for the memories

Almost All Things Gaming

Jake is a stand up guy. When I see him and smithy it brings back good memories. Thank you guys for my childhood.

FPV Adventures

Jake and Smith best Panther duo there was, is, and will be.

Donna Bowman

💙 this ragin CAROLINA cajun

John Hunter Houser

Who dislikes this video? Straight hatin

    Cam Bkuttin

    I know right smh

Ken Drew

Damn what a tear jerker he is! Shows the heart and soul he put in every week-never had to question his love for the game.

Victor Mong

Jake is my favorite panther he was a great leader and had a great arm, then after tommy john he wasnt the same the 2008 playoff game showed his arm was not the same after surgery, sad day. I miss Jake

Josh N



The player that made me a Panthers fan. Underdog and fiery. The only reason he didn’t continue his success was the injury and the TJ surgery.

Kane Dobson


Jeff Sue

Much respect to Jake. I grew up watching this class act and couldn’t be more proud of him.

Imnotababoon ESC

He makes me proud to be a Panther fan! Keep Pounding for life!

Erica Singleton

I thought I could get through this without crying, well that didn’t happen. I am so proud to have been able to see 3 of the 4 inductees play at a high level. Thank you Mr. Tepper for bringing this to the fans, the city and both states.

Joey Proey

Still crack up when I remember Jake tore his pants open against falcons. Classic. The video is on you tube. Jake ripped pants.

Romas Deberry

Thank you so much Mr delhomme. What you steve and gross. Muhammad. Foster. Davis. Coach fox. Peppers. The guys were so amazing. Thank you. You are a QB. To forever be enshrined in our lives hearts and memories. Cardiac cats forever

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