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Melissa Cassell

My boys.


Well shoot.

Fenske Flips

Jaire: Im the young CEO …

    Jordan rivera

    Fenske Flips it sounds like he say suge😂😂😂


If he keeps playing like this Packers will have some tough decisions after his rookie contract is up.

    TheJester 22

    And Gesicki isn’t the option. But Graham has to go. Packers don’t have 4-5 years as Rodgers has 3 years maximum imo. He’s 1 injury away from retirement

    Adande Scrubs

    TheJester 22 just giving an example. And not saying MVS is the answer, but he can be our 3. Gesicki is just the build we would want somewhat.

    GAMEON 5

    Whats tough abt locking up a stud?

    Christian Juarez

    That decision won’t be tough at all


    @TheJester 22 Come back to this comment when he holds out. If he was a “nice guy” personality is say he’d stay for the 4yrs. But with the way he speaks & carries himself he won’t wait for that 4th year he will hold out


Between him and savage the packers secondary is gonna be a lock for years

    aaron berhane

    And Amos

    Shedrick Hill

    100% facts

Julian Rodriguez

Damn this Packers defense is no joke !! Hate to have to face them this year as a Giants fan. But the rest of the NFL better be careful, this Packers defense is gonna be elite for years to come !!! I love how they adapted to the defense wins championships mentality !!

    TheJester 22

    AlmightyyPack 1 Aaron Jones wasn’t heavily used today either. Should be fresh by Thursday. Same for Davante. Defense might be a little tired but they are young. Will show up ready to play

    Julian Rodriguez

    @TheJester 22 Agreed. I think Carson Wentz and company are in for a rude awakening on Thursday. Hope Green Bay spanks them !!

    TheJester 22

    Julian Rodriguez ya I’m gonna say 2 ints. Davante 100+ yards and a TD

    rage mk

    @Julian Rodriguez I believe they have him playing down closer to the box because of the raven greene injury. That’s why the broncos were able to break off that 52 yard gain yesterday. Caught Edmund snoozing a bit and king was beat.

Deez Nutz On yo chin

Shoooot, Packers 3-0 son!!!! Yeah buddy, Go Pack Go!!!!

    Jay M

    Oh fa sho

Jake Reuter

Love that swagger!


Jaire “Oh Shoot” Alexander..


Please don’t let Jaire go when his contract is up. Pay this man, his confidence is infectious and he is a playmaker!

Derek Yeeter

Best corner in the league as of RIGHT NOW don’t @ me

    thebull Devoe

    Stop it

    rage mk

    @thebull Devoe who better?


This dude is a beast ✊🏾💪🏾


THIS DUDE IS SOOOO AWESOME, like the look and the vibe he gives off is something I want on this team. Pay the man.

Juan Soto

Shooot t shirts coming soon

Literally Who

I love his swagger. Top 10 corner in the league for years to come.

    GAMEON 5

    He already top 5 u cnt name many better then him

StrayWay Cali 27

One of the best tacklers to

Jay Kluesy

I love how he takes any pass against him personal but never gets shook even if he gives up a rec, bro is gonna be elite if he stay healthy

nate daly

For those of you worried the packers won’t resign this guy. He’s in his second year of 5 under contract. Looong way to go yet. And can any of you remember a more talented corner for the pack? He has the speed of a young Sam shields with the playmaking of Charles woodson. In my years of watching I can’t remember a more promising d back.

ih8 thewordwoke

I’ve loved this kid since we drafted him!! He is an absolute nuisance for other teams! That play he made on Noah Fant yesterday was awesome! It’s just so damn refreshing to see this amount of energy, youth and talent on the D. GO PACK GO!!!

Ryan Petras

New drinking game, take a drink everytime Jaire says “shoot”

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