Jaire Alexander bracing for more double moves – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Billy Spencer

Jaire Alexander is a stud

Mc Lovin

Young goat in the making 😎


    Damn straight. Rodgers comparing him to Woodson the other day proves it.

Terrence Aldridge

Lets go my boy…. Go give them that work

rage mk

Pro bowl, I’m calling it

    dip chips

    rage mk should have last year

    alana pehlivan

    **Super Bowl**

    rage mk

    @alana pehlivan it’s still early lol, not that confident yet

    Jack Fleming

    He’ll be voted into it, but he’s got a more important game the week after


    Bold prediction. DPOY.

Matt Nicholson

Please don’t ever leave us!! As soon as your number came out last year I got that jersey ASAP!!

    Jay M

    Got his

    Matt Nicholson

    @Jay M ya my bad

    Jay M

    No, was saying I got his Jersey too

    Matt Nicholson

    @Jay M lol. Gotta get a Savage jersey.. how sweet is that! SAVAGE

Will-I- Am

How many of you click on this vid just to hear Jaire say “shooot” 😂

    Jay M

    Fa sho

    Will-I- Am

    @Jay M Lol

Lee Joseph

He reminds me of jalen Ramsay


Promising young talent


Jaire and Savage …..man I wanted both of these guys when it was their time was to be drafted….so happy they both actually fell to us…. they have some very bright futures


Jaire gotta be top 3 best looking packer

Brandon Carter

Jaire my favorite packer right now

    aaron berhane

    Mines is Darnell

brayden finch

dropping your bottle come on now 😂

Christian Cazares

I can’t wait to see josh Jackson show people wasup

jerome roberts

He’s going to the pro bowl this year watch🤫😎

James Allen

I really hope we go all the way and take on patriots..I know it’s early but yes Brady is a great player but his ego makes me sick..we are are great team to and we have a great defense and a mvp qb..our team in general is great…key is to stay conditioned and stay injury free I pray.

James Allen

Going to be fun to watch this great player.

Adam Price

Attack the ball. Jump and that that was a pick.

Wisconsin Badgers

He is becoming one of the most feared safeties in the NFL .give it some time,he will get there.

Wesley Thomas

Honestly ill take a mike McCarthy offense with this defense!! 💪

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