Jaguars vs. Ravens Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tru Reid

Can’t wait for regular season

    Owen Raefield

    Nobody can

Lebron James

“Lamar is a running back” incoming


    Bro could play like brady and people would still say that 🤦🏾‍♂️

    King Austin

    Lamar dint run one time… no.


    Lamar is running back

    vince lawrence



Lmfao! Why the NFL gotta do that guy in the thumbnail dirty?

    Kazine Kelly

    They didnt even show us the highlights

    Owen Durney

    They changed it

    Sergio Moralez

    What was it😂

    Owen Durney

    Sergio Moralez Kenny young ran through the o line and obliterated the qb knocking his helmet off. It was nasty

    Petty Ceddy

    @Sergio Moralez that’s the hit

Will Henson

Ravens backup kicker bout to end up with the bears lol


    James Gurley they kept him last year. don’t see why they won’t keep him this year

    Thick Sports News

    cozy Cool I mean 4 for 4 is great but I don’t think you will even get an offer unless he keeps in up through the preseason cuz he was obviously on the practice squad without being signed by another team for a reason.

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Vedvik is a great kicker so Bears better give us at least a third round pick. He would help the Bears a lot

Luis Diaz

Chris Moore looks bigger 🧐

Uncle Charles y’all

Madden better bring back helmets popping off after this game 😂


    matrixphijr jesus christ, why are you shoehorning in politics? So annoying

    Iyanna D

    Gage Allen they didn’t add it in the video (idky) but I think kenny young knocked jags qb helmet off twice after two hard sacks/hits

    Mista Frisco


    Computer Guy

    It happened 3 times in this game, all to Gardner


    ​@5678sothourn STFU, ofc it’s removed because it was a hard hit and they don’t want to project that image of football! The feminazis has managed to cuck even the NFL! That hit on the QB was for sure one of the best highlights in the game!

Devin Jackson

RavenNation for life 💜.



    Green Man

    Crustacean nation 🦀

    Nasiful Huda

    I can’t wait for the season to begin!!! RAVENS FLOCK!!!😈💜🔥🏈

    Tray Mack


Matthew Miller

Ravens Football is back baby!


Wow. The Ravens offense played conservative and lamar ran 0 times while he was out there. They’re dead serious on not showing their offensive scheme until the regular season.

    Iyanna D

    Bryan Merritt nah they still gonna do designed runs


    If Flacco is stay Lamar would still ran game

    Jaquan Jones

    @Travo 😂😭 With what starters on the Jagz besides 1 widereciever


Lamar played good. He threw one bad pass but he also had some good throws and threw a touchdown. Solid night but he’s still got some work to do.

    Iyanna D

    matrixphijr he only had 1 overthrow 😂 he was 4/6 the other pass was dropped

    Paul Pantzer

    matrixphijr “More than a few overthrows” bro do your research he only had 2 incomplete passes and one was a drop


    David Blough > Lamar Jackson

    Surya p

    @matrixphijr I don’t think it was for Boyle, Lamar said it wasn’t and he’s not the type to lie ab it, he was first to say he wasn’t good in last yesterday training camp


Don’t think I didn’t notice the thumbnail change

HTX 713

Lamar lookin like Black Goku with that hairstyle 😂😂


    Gimme a time frame




    @NUTTYBANGERS you sir win youtube


    Except he doesn’t lol


    Nah, he’s Buckwheat.

Almighty Robb

Damn Ik my lions did bad but atleast we put up 3 gawwdamn

    Papa Gramps!

    Ranch Blanc that was my point

    Josh Henderson

    Jaguars sat 32 players

    Gavin Knight Jackson

    You did notice it was all 3rd string players the entire time right


I know it’s preseason but Ravens defense looks even better than last year..

    Yung Plug

    Goth yea but they dont have suggs or weddle or mosley thts y its different


    Yung Plug Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?

    Yung Plug

    Goth agreeing



Dale Dolan-Zalaznick

Lamar throws like he’s throwing a baseball. Easy motion

Brian Sopha

That running game for the ravens gonna be scary to handle

Cal Caleb

Lamar looked pretty good 👍


🤔So the Kenny Young sack didn’t make the highlights⁉️The NFL is so watered down now🚰🚭🤣

    Gabe Garcia

    no cap

Bryan Merritt

I know it’s just preseason.

Now I think about it, the Ravens haven’t lost a game in pre-season since 2015 that’s insane. last loss was against the falcons back when the Georgia Dome was still around. Stephens

    It is interesting I mean is there any other team with that kind of streak


    @MyFootYourFace Sure, the result doesn’t matter once the season starts, but it shows just how much depth the Ravens have year in and year out. In fact, the only reason a lot of Ravens seasons have been derailed is from having the most players on IR in the league, and it’s happened more than once. That’s how tough the AFC North is. Not to mention the league always gives the Ravens a hellish travel schedule.
    It proves that, when fully healthy, the Ravens are one of the best teams in the league just about any year.

    bob johnson

    @matrixphijr If NE had to play in the AFC North would their playoff runs have been as successful? Having to play Pitt and Balt twice a year can wear a team down and now add Cleveland to the mix.


    Computer Guy This is more than the Ravens have played their starters in years past, and it’s because of the new offensive regime. Flacco would routinely play one series in the first game, sit for the next two, then play maybe a quarter in the fourth game. So you’re wrong.
    But also, the Ravens continued to dominate this game into the 3rd and 4th quarters, with players who were on the bubble or fighting for roster/developmental spots. So really, it’s more about the Ravens’ depth.

Bob Fole

I’m telling yall right now Miles Boykin will be the first true #1 receiver Baltimore has ever drafted
Good job Eric

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