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Escocivo 30

I’m really liking Josh Rosen and Eric Rowe.


    @Day Be Trippin well since it’s morning where I’m at… why shouldn’t i baby? πŸ˜› <3

    Gavin Smith

    I agree Erick Rowe and Rosen


    @Day Be Trippin

    Dayuum, watching you try to hang in there and take those haymakers without any comebacks, was brutal lmao.

    But that’s what happens when you come out your face like a true bozo like you did.

    That person had feeling and lookin real stupid, cause he resorted to very lame and basic comebacks. Its alright black kid you’ll learn one day.



    Lol it’s crazy how you roasting him, and without any comebacks himself he has the nerve to say “ahh I got you mad” lmao. That’s when you know you roasted him and they feelin stupid

Kevin Juice

I Know It’s Just Preseason But ……. LETS GO DOLPHINS 🐬 !!!!!!!!!!

    TJ Stacks

    πŸ˜† The Dolphins want win 6 games trust me. The Bills, Patriots, and Jets will all sweep the series so that’s 6 losses off rip lol Dolphins rebuilding nothing to see here.

    Jordan Asel

    TJ Stacks your an idiot


    TJ Stacks you can’t even spell so I’m not worried


    @Luis4872 thanks for pointing that out. Fins up bud

    Kevin Juice

    TJ Stacks Are Stupid Or Something ??

The InvictusSamaritan

That 99 yard TD drive by Josh Rosen though πŸ‘€

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Maxximulis 5:33 they don’t show it but this drive started on the 1 yard line.

    TJ Stacks

    Against the back up’s and no Josh Allen, Campbell, and Yannick in your face pls stop πŸ˜‚


    That deep roll out was thrown perfectly, n double coverage was a dart 🎯

    Larry Mullen JR

    Calm down it was against the scout team defense

    Chris Bowman

    Against 2nd and third stringers. Lol ok

MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp

Jerome Baker Pro Bowler this year πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

    MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp

    Lake McGroove He playing inside

    MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp

    We Hauling it Disagree he’s been ELITE this preseason he’s prolly gonna pass Xavien as the best player on defense. He does EVERYTHING . Rushing the passer, covering the middle of the field, stopping the run. He’s been everywhere


    @Bills Mafia
    The Bills are a playoff team? We will see. They have to prove it on the field first. Lots of competition in the AFC. Let’s see them beat the Patriots at least once though.

    That has nothing to do with Jerome Baker being a promising young player with potential to become a Pro Bowler and even an All Pro. You laughing because you don’t have a clue is actually amusing.


    My man Jerome is a star in my madden franchise so ima have to agree

    Ethan T

    Well Micah Hyde and Jordan poyer are good on the bills (Steelers fan)

Shareen Jabbari

Dolphins are stepping up. #Dolphins

    alex alex

    Shareen Jabbari the dolphins played with starters jags notπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    jaguar nation

    Shareen Jabbari it’s preseason 2nd half we had our 2nd string in

Gavin Knight Jackson

We need all of Josh Allen plays


I know it’s preseason and all but man Rosen is really looking like our guy.

    Sonico Animation

    I want Ryan to start for a few weeks. I think Josh will start this year, but I don’t want a repeat of the Cardinals by throwing him in the deep-end…


    @longlive harambe – ye I am lol.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Vincent 17 Rodgers also wasn’t a rookie like Rosen. He was given 3 years on tbe bench to develop. He also wasn’t playing with a 1st year HC and a horrible roster around him. Do yohr research


    I like his throws. He seems very accurate and direct with this throws.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @BlueApeMedia he is scarily accurate. He just isn’t great at avoiding pressure. And because Arizona had literally no oline last year, he had a terrible season

Shutdown Corner

I hope Laird earns a spot on the team.

    Kevin Juice

    Shutdown Corner Me To πŸ’―πŸ¬πŸˆ

    Maher Justice

    He will

    Boi looks like a toaster strudle

    And cox they earned it


    He’s been an underdog since college, going to do work in the league.


Rosen doing well even with a bad O-line.

    Rian An

    @Zapsta thats what my rams did. Upgrade center and LT. And the rest is good coaching.

    Rian An

    @PunkishHipster you guys drafted OLine this year? I thought dolphin going full defense


    Rian An a guard in the third (micheal deiter), an RT in the 5 ( Isaiah Prince) and a few others but the only notable one is Shaq Calhoun , I highly suspect them heavily drafting o-line next year , pass rushers and CB are also a concern


    @Rian An Ok? xD so you can take pretty much anybody and plop em right in there, aslong as you have a good coach, LT and a good center?

    Rian An

    @Zapsta yes. Rodger saffold and rob havenstein are good guards on our team. And we have abysmal center and bust LT. Then mcvay come, upgrade our C and LT, give them good coaching and we somehow have best OLine on the league.


The big question is Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick who do you have I have Josh

    Quinn Doge

    Christoffer Sundberg Tannehill went to the titans as a backup

    Brendan Des



    If fitzmagic beats Brady. I want fits to start

    Johnny M

    That Miami offensive line is garbage this is problem when you have 5 owners of franchise with share there is not direction in wich way these organization wanna go.

Geo Wilson

Rosen will get in this year when Fitzpatrick have one of THOSE games. (Rosen is no bum)


    i call him chosen rosen. this looks like it’s gonna work out very well for miami

    P4T21CK K1NG

    Hopefully his play energizes the O-Line into giving him some time.
    He can be a great QB.

    Out of many One

    Make the Phins great again.

Ronnie Robinson

jags starters looking good but the backup is scaring me

    the42monarch _

    theocratickingdom30 he was great in college but imo not a nfl ready qb. He could potentially have a case Keemun type of career if he is developed right

    Kieran Howard

    theocratickingdom30 agreed. He’s garbage on that 4th down towards the end he had a wide open receiver and missed him significantly. And kaepernicks still not signed πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

    Juan Valladares

    Jags backups are terrible. Miami backups look better than starters. I dunno. They need to trade Stills; he’s too worried about his social justice warrior crap and his play has declined since he started his crusade. Garbage.

    Business RecreationJack

    @theocratickingdom30 Whatever happened to letting a player learn the game? He was a late round pick, just let Foles do his thing. Let him learn this season. If he doesn’t improve, he doesn’t and it will be an easy cut.

    Prophet Master

    @Blake Stewart That’s what happens when 80% of your starting OL is injured smh.

Albert Flores

Did Troy aikman really say googly eyes Elmo during this Game

Carnell Johnson

Joshua Allen is a damn monster


    Yeah Allen is a monster you will be hearing his name a lot this season

    Carnell Johnson

    @klevdavful He’s only going to get better and better as well


    @Carnell Johnson that’s the cool thing about playing defense the injuries are few.
    Also you can get better and better and have a 10 to 16 year career if you stay healthy enough.


    @The Way that’s so true about saying Joshua lol when I’m like hey I really like the Josh Allen guy we got he looks like a stud and then everyone is like that Bills qb and I’m just like NOOOOO

    Chris Bowman

    Its Josh Allen

C Ramirez

Phins defense look like they want all the snickers bars

    McKenzie Ramirez


Nathan Rodriguez

Laird better be on the team

Andre Parson

I can already see nick foles carrying the jaguars

    Luke Thomas

    @Fynn Thielmeyer Nick foles will probably carrying the offense while the defense does the rest


    The thing is….Nick Foles is gonna be fine! Defense will hold him down if he makes a turnover but I don’t think he’ll make that throw in a regular season game…besides that it was his the starters first game so they really had no rhythm

    Luke Thomas

    Not if Leonard fournette is there


    @eoe123321 Just protect our boy Foles Jags. I am a birds fan Eagles that is. I don’t want him hurt.


    My boy Foles will be fine but everyone else on the Jags better do their jobs too. It was not just Foles that help my birds win it all. Its first the coach and the play calling then the O-line and most of all catch the damn ball. I seen a few passes yall receivers did not catch.


Foles not looking too bad. Looked calm, wasn’t afraid to take shots either.


    Mark my words, Foles is going to be in the conversation of beeing the best QB in the league in a few years.

    Jamie McCaslin

    Lol he was average at best against a rebuilding DL and a very young secondary

    Guardians of Gold

    Foles will come back! Just like he did after he first left!


    @quotomatic Just protect him. Don’t get him killed.

Bull Finance

That was Minkah Fitzpatrick not Bobby McCain

    Alex McLoughlin

    Buck was awful tonight, as usual. Mispronounced name after name and it was obvious he didn’t study the rosters before the game. Embarrassing stuff

    Doc Holliday

    @Alex McLoughlin He was too busy wrapping his lips around the jaguar dicks all game.


    @Doc Holliday Alright bro,you owe me a coffee and possibly a new phone. Because I just spit my coffee all over my phone from laughing at your comment. Lmao.

Shark Commander

I really want Josh Rosen as our starting QB.

    joshua morena

    @MGTOW-Balance If he had no say in the QB realm, as the “QB Whisperer” (eye-roll), I’d be amazed. But it would show A) Higher ups had no faith in his QB knowledge and B) Higher-ups were just as whack if not more-so than Gase. I wholly believe Tannenbaum was just as big a problem in the football operations realm as Gase, which is why they relieved him and consolidated the FO chain to Grier alone, with Flores directly reporting to him.

    As far as Gase in NY, I despise him for the setbacks in Miami, but I genuinely hope he does outperform expectations. Mostly for the sake of Jets fans.


    @joshua morena tannenbaum? lmao i look at him the same way i look at big mac (mike mccagnan)

    joshua morena

    @MGTOW-Balance LOL fair comparison. Another reason to pray for Jets fans.

    that is amazing All

    We need to fix our offense line because the QB has to have time three the ball

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