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Jaguars Select Trevor Lawrence | Instant NFL Draft Analysis

J.P. Shadrick, Brian Sexton, Ashyln Sullivan and John Oesher provide instant reaction and analysis to the Jaguars' selection of QB Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Watch the NFL Draft on NFL Network and Draft-a-thon streamed on NFL's social.

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❤??? Jaguars??? 🐆

Duval Jesus

1:45 for audio

Peter Tran

No, Brian. I remember 2020. It was tough.
BUT, I would also like to thank Jalen and Yannick for leaving. This wouldn’t have been possible without their “contributions.”

    ObiWan Shinobi

    OMG thank you!

Supa Mario Blackshear

Wish we had gotten toney but I’m good we got Trevor


    Are you saying you would take Toney over Trevor or wanted both?

    Supa Mario Blackshear

    @Zenzu wanted both

    Supa Mario Blackshear

    @Zenzu I liked both picks just wanted toney

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