Jags Wired: 2019 Preseason – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Super gamer Boy


Greg Van Gaasbeek

I’m excited to see this DEFENSE this year! 🎉🎆🎉🎆🎉🎆

Joshua Jacob

Let’s go Jags. Here is to hoping that everyone stays healthy this season.

Scotty OTH

Sexton has the most annoying voice 😫😂

Seb Kennedy

8 days to go! Sending y’all a DUUUUUUUUUUUUUVAL from across the pond in the UK!🇬🇧

Jeremiah Farrow

I dare you guys to trade for Odell Beckham jr


🏈🏈🏈✔👍loved it at 19:34-19:44 were the Superbowl is at woo am going with you all also go Jaguars this coming week 1 is going to be hard and a super big challenge everyone knows that easy to say Kansas City chiefs win it I say heck NO!!!!! The jags are a tough team to beat when they play as a team and this beast is going with them woo I told people that asked in my picks I make KC is a safe pick 10,500% of people will go KC I say nope this guy is going with my gut and I know they want it and for a home season opener they can win over KC I just know it… more than just a gut feeling

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