Jacoby Brissett’s Clutch Game w/ 310 Yds & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew Kyle

Jacoby has definitely improved

    Billy Mattson

    that normally happens unless your name is marcus mariota

    Quan Honson

    Billy Mattson don’t forget about Mitch trubisky

    Colts fan4 Life

    Usually happens when you give a guy an o line and real coach


Jacoby has played well in the first 3 games overall. I can actually see them winning the division or competing with the Texans for it. Titans will be in 3rd place and the Jaguars will hold down 4th place while praising a clown with a mustache.

    Volume Push

    MRTUPAC 28 jags will finish 2nd

    Colts fan4 Life

    Couldnt have said it better

    Braden Hudson

    @Swag Kelly As a titans fan dont let the titans be consistent that would be scary😂

    Marquizes Turner

    Braden good thing it will never happen and i think it’d A coaching issue honestly


Watched this game live and I’m so happy for Jacoby, I really hope he has a great career in Indy

    Antonio Mims

    HitmanStark I was there too and it was epic

Allen Saunders

Indy is lucky to have a replacement for luck. Most teams season would of crashed

    Jon Davis

    Allen Saunders
    Atlanta is garbage. Add that to ur statements

Johnny U.

this dude has a cannon, listen to ball hit the recievers hands

    belly idol

    For real

SouthSide Chicago

Mitch Trubisky could learn a lot of things watching Jacoby.

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    SouthSide Chicago eh, I’ve never watched him and been like dang that guy is good. I think he’s brought along by good coaching. He can only read his first receiver

    SouthSide Chicago

    @Victor Oladipo #indyismycity 6 TD’s vs Tampa last year not good? not to mention the game against the Pats among others. He doesn’t have to be great he just has to be accurate and move his legs. The O-line has been horrendous for us so far this year. I’ll be back after the game tomorrow.

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    SouthSide Chicago I’m not saying they will lose or he won’t have a good game I just don’t think he’s good at all

    SouthSide Chicago

    @Victor Oladipo #indyismycity I’m not his biggest fan either, that’s why i said what i did originally….best part about mitch is that he knows he doesn’t have to great, he can just throw short passes everytime like Jacoby and with this defense, we can go deep into playoffs. How about this Rams/browns game tho.

bruce lau

He has improved


I miss Luck but Jacoby is a beast

Jacoby Brissett

*i told ya fools i can do something*

    Blue Brick Productions

    Jacoby Brissett lmao



    Colts fan4 Life

    Talk to em legend These fools out here riding guys like minshew and daniel jones ignoring what youre doing but its ok

    Splitz Cinamatics

    @Colts fan4 Life they’ll keep.sleeping on us


NFL 2019: Year of the Black/Mixed QBs…

    onyeka onyyebuchukwu

    Yep. With Mahomes leading the pack.

    tyler wright

    onyeka onyyebuchukwu and with cam newton tailing the pack

    Toxic White Whale

    Not too many Arab QB’s. Ryan Nassib and that’s it. Johnny Manziel could have been something but oh well.

    onyeka onyyebuchukwu

    @tyler wright : Lmfaoo…him and winston fighting for last place.

03 AI

He is real deal


Brissett haters quiet af. Colts!!


Honestly, the Colts might have a chance to win the division. Probably still will be Houston but don’t sleep on Brissett.

    I Scream

    OberSports Colts always best Texans though.

    Tristan Balogun

    I Scream Brissett undefeated against em too


    My opinion, Colts will sweep the AFC South, winning the division with an 11-5 record. Will make it to the playoffs and advance to the AFC Championship game. I won’t say any more.


guy is mobile, has great arm strength, is very accurate, and is a great decision maker, i hope he has a long career with the colts he really looks like a good QB, but he also plays with a great running game and offensive line so it’s up to the colts to keep a good team around him


    Absolutely. We finally have a TEAM. Not just dependant on a hand full of players. Jacoby doesn’t have to be perfect. With that said. He has a skill set that has a lot of upside. Decision making alone gives him an advantage over some more naturally skilled QB’s who throw a lot of interceptions.


    Jacoby Brissett is a possession quarterback. He’s out there to make smart decisions and keep the clock rolling. Tom Brady in his early seasons was that kind of QB. There’s a reason the Pats drafted this kid. He’s got the heart of a champion, a cannon on his shoulder and a good mind. As he gains experience and confidence as a starter, and the young team grows around him, we may be looking at the dawn of a powerhouse

Dalton Moody

If this pans out like madden he will have superstart x factor

HTX 713

As a Texans fan Im happy for Brissett

    Meghrajsinh Chudasama

    As a colts fan thank u and you too have got a gold in Watson


    Please protect Deshaun


    @Game Jumpers whats your problem. Im a colts fan and I have no problem with the Texans. They might be better.

    Splitz Cinamatics

    I cant wait to see Us ball out against u guys. Especially Jacoby vs Watson. That’ll be fun to see for years to come. But just remember. Especially if its in Houston. T.Y. owns Joseph and the stadium 😅

    Splitz Cinamatics

    @EndlessDank i dont have prob with texans. Just others. Titans and jags talk but cant dance

Jair West

I mean he did come from the patriots qb tree

    Tom Muse

    Yep but he left the ball deflator in New England. This guy has skills and enough grip strength to not require a nerf football to win.

    Joey Howell

    Jair West And NC State which is QBU don’t forget

    supa dupa

    Ex pats qbs usually dont fair well…. Garoppolo and Brissett are exceptions

Ian Burke

Jacoby sure took me by surprise this year. Happy for him

Casey C

Brissett looking GOOD out there. Playing like a franchise guy


Colts could so easily be 3-0…. could just as easily be 0-3 tho, so I’ll take it.

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