Jacoby Brissett Felt The Energy During Home Opener – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Lanewood JG Reply

Let’s go Colts. We’re riding with you Jacoby!

Frosty31 Reply

Go Colts!

Isaiah Cox Reply

I can’t get enough of this dude. And we all thought the world ended like a month ago 😂

    John Marquette Reply

    Next year he’ll be much better and develop into a franchise qb frank Reich is going to make Jacoby a top qb. Reich has so much knowledge on being a qb schemings recievers open making sure Jacoby is advancing in his development.

    Des Nutz Reply

    I’m worried about the Raiders. We got injuries.

    John Marquette Reply

    Des Nutz i wouldn’t worry much we (colts nation) have two pro bowl Te’s and a healthy oline i expect mack to run better against the raiders. The raiders are at a disadvantage with lb’s and safety’s i expect reich to involve the tight ends more.

    Des Nutz Reply

    @John Marquette thx. I actually do feel better. Lol. I’m excited about the game. I wish Sunday would hurry up.

    Des Nutz Reply

    @John Marquette our O line is The Real Deal

Sakered Reply

I’m excited about the season again, thanks Jacoby and gang.

Kinggg Chim Reply

And to think Brissett is no where near his ceiling… this year is going to be a birth of a legend…. LETS GOOOO! #ColtsNation #BleedBlue

UnwieldyBeast 10 Reply

You know- Jacoby Brissett every interview ever

Jordan s Reply

I love the way he answers questions😂 always has me dying😂😱

    ColtsFan 1991 Reply

    Jordan s I know right lmao 😂 it’s hilarious, I love it

    mgalan16 Reply

    That’s gotta be Phillip B Wilson asking those questions…… He’s terrible at it

davetron Reply

lol Jacoby making the reporters WORK for those answers and I love it

    Christine C Reply

    To tell you the truth I couldn’t even understand what some of them were asking.😂😂

    hagamapama Reply

    Little bit of that Belichick style, but with his own stamp on it with a more amiable approach. The best students learn from their masters but add their own flair.

Hector Guzman Reply

If you haven’t been here since our 2-14 season
Don’t join now
Jacoby has the maturity to be an elite qb

    Ellis Williams Reply

    Been here since 2007 💍, grew up in San Diego loving LaDainian Tomlinson, but I knew I could never be a charger fan back then. Never looked back since. Colts for life.

    Luis Rios Reply

    From Chicago and have been on the ride since 2003!! Win or lose. Colts fan! 11-5.

    BeefheartLynch Reply

    Been a fan through thick and thin since the team moved to Indianapolis in 1984. From what I see, Jaco has the realistic potential to be a top tier QB in this league. I’m talking top 5, even top 3. I will admit, I knew he was a decent QB with his performance while Luck was out for the season. He looked poised and did well. Now , the Colts are his team and he is playing great football. Instead of not losing games for us, he is winning games for us, at least doing his part and playing well with his team. Looks like we found another excellent QB for the next decade or so.

    John Marquette Reply

    Ellis Williams same here everyone in Oceanside liked the chargers i didn’t and i was starting to actually watch football in 2006 as a 2nd grader been a colts fan ever since. It’s a bit annoying seeing the colts get no mention from the media but let them sleep on the colts.

Phil Sinex Reply

Man Jacoby works reporters who ask dumb questions lol

    hagamapama Reply

    Bit like his former boss

Cat Man Reply

#inbrissettwetrust This guy is my new favorite Colt!! My past favorites… Johnny Unitas, Bert Jones, Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, and now Jacoby Brissett. I’ve had defensive favorites as well… like David Thornton, Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Darius Leonard and Anthony Walker from this year’s team. Too many to mention. But of all these, I think Brissett may have the highest ceiling.

fowlerboy98 Guru Reply

I was there the crowd was electric very fun team to watch

cmgww Reply

Unpopular opinion: Brissett will be eventually be a better QB than Luck. Not in terms of being a pure passer, or talent-wise….but fitting into the system and doing his job very well. And he will end Brady at some point, which when Belichick will admit defeat, and Belichick will retire knowing he traded away his future (beyond Brady). Ok the last part was a joke, but I do think in this system Brissett can flourish.

    Brett H Reply

    Well, so far this season his stats are better than Luck’s have been in previous years. Except for yards, he has better everything and less interceptions.

    Jonathan Salguero Reply

    Brett H in Lucks defense, he has more INTs because he threw for more yards and took more risks.

    Brett H Reply

    @Jonathan Salguero I agree to a certain extent, but Luck always did have a INT problem. He was considered to be within the upper tier of QBs in the league, but he through more INTs than the other in the same tier.

    BeefheartLynch Reply

    Not unpopular with me, I feel the same way. Reich is realizing Jaco’s strengths and calling plays accordingly. He isn’t always going to have 300 yard passing games. He is going to have the right amount of passing yards that equates to a Colts win.

    hagamapama Reply

    @BeefheartLynch Yep. Reich clearly knows exactly how to use JB. The Colts have a leading tactician as a head coach for the first time in forever.

ColtsFan 1991 Reply

HAHAHAHAHA I love this! He turns stuff back around on them and has them thinking lol 😆

    hagamapama Reply

    Can see why Belichick drafted this kid.

Afghani GasMask Reply

Damn the way he handles the media 😂 he loves it. So blunt and funny at the same time.

    Ty Shelby Reply

    He pretty much controls the media lol😂

King Of Texas Reply


Tramp Reply

There is just something about Jacoby that makes me want to root for him to succeed, Go Colts!!

Ricardo T. Reply

Took four minutes for these guys to bring up the Raiders. 1-0!! #Colture

hagamapama Reply

he’s a loose, smooth dude, with a bit of Belichick’s fingerprints at the end, if only as a joke


hey jacoby is the man. he’s way better then luck and alway’s will be.,

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