Jacoby Brissett Continues To Grow In Offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Antonio Mims

Let’s go Colts I will be in the building Sunday to see you guys battle the Falcons

charles stoner

I been a Colts fan for over 20 years win or lose they are a strong team much respect to a real team that everybody else looks down on

Brett Burton

That shovel-pass to Ebron on Sunday was phenomenal 🙌 Excited to watch them play the Falcons at home this Sunday. Brissett is making us proud!

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Brett Burton the most beautiful pass he had was that fade to TY

    Brett Burton

    @Victor Oladipo #indyismycity that was too nice! Indy stand up for #7 🙌

1lkydad 75

Have you grown on offense?
Lets take down Atl in our house then we will talk about who has grown.
Lets whip that pigskin around that secondary, lets run that pigskin up the gut and down the middle of that D line, lets slam that pigskin on the turf in the EZ everytime we get the chance.
Luck who?
Go Colts!

James Ross

They’re going to run the ball down falcons throat sunday 200+yards

    Joseph Bentley

    Pretty much have to with the dink n dunk offense that theyve been using. Not sure if they are holding him back or if they plan to continue to have rushing yards outweigh passing yards.

    Nick Woodall

    Probably not with that falcons dline

    Nathaniel Williams

    Joseph Bentley It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

    miniHAWK n00b

    @Joseph Bentley I’m sure they will open up his arm at some point. He has an arm, and we know that. The teams we have faced so far all have really really good secondaries, so the dink and dunk play-style is really the only effective way to move the ball against teams that play deep coverage with really talented defensive backs. And the Falcons are the same way. They have talented safeties, and 2 really good Cornerbacks, and they play deep coverage, rather similar to the way our Zone Coverage is. Keep everything in front of you, in order to stop big plays, which allows the dink and dunk play to be rather effective.

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

Jacoby we do not play the same defensive scheme. We play a 3-4 now with 46 bear fronts as well. Last year and years past we were a 4-3

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

    miniHAWK n00b We completely revamped our defense, jacoby is inaccurate in his statement I’m sorry. It’s night and day from last year. He wasn’t talking about his own defense

    Geovanny Cisne

    Bro we’re going to run the ball down your throats!! lol

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

    Geovanny Cisne You can count us out just like the eagles fans did, im okay with that. We play better when we are picked to lose

    Damon Macy

    @Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Were gonna beat you like the patriots did in your first ever super bowl appearance 🤣

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

    Damon Macy that was not our first ever super bowl appearance. You clearly don’t watch football or you are too young to remember 1998 vs the broncos

Captain Everyman

I think Brissett is better than Luck. Luck was always looking for big plays and ignoring the check down, move the chains completions. Brissett is much more patient and efficient and his stats show it.

    Damon Macy

    Brissett is not even close to the level of Luck. Still skillful but not even close

    Captain Everyman

    @Kyle Looper I’m sure Brissett studies film and has similar insights. I looked at last year’s Titans game and Luck is doing the same thing Brissett did this year, mostly short passes and lots of run plays. Brissett makes quicker reads and more decisive. Luck seems to be a fish out of water in this offense, so although very talented, I see Brissett as better able to get the job done, operating like a chess player and not trying to be a superhero.

    Captain Everyman

    @Kyle Looper a good example of why I believe Brissett is a better QB than Luck, is that shutout against Jacksonville last year. Luck didn’t take advantage of what the Jags defense gave him, he kept trying to force things. Brissett would have put at least 17 points on the board and the Colts would have won that game.

    Don't SSleep

    I like Jacoby, but this comment is really, really dumb.

    Kyle Looper

    @Captain Everyman Brissett had thrown for 160 fewer yards than Luck did over his first two games with superior weapons and before Luck began to challenge opponents downfield. Luck was a top 5 quarterback in the league. Jacoby isn’t there yet. Chill out. He can still improve.


ANDREW COME BACK!!!!!!!! 😢😭😩

Too Kool

Jacoby Brissett is going to get scrutinize in the same microscope as Cam Newton. Or even in a way of Micheal Vick. No matter how great he looks or how safe or patient he plays he will not recieve the same praise as a Andrew Luck or a Eli Manning. See where I’m going with this. But the Colts are gone be great regardless of how people feel. We have a great quarterback who just may be better than luck. If don’t believe listen to Luck’s retirement press conference.

    Michael Cochran

    Ffs man


Needs to get rid of the ball sooner and trust his recievers

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