Jacoby Brissett Caps Off Scoring Drive w/ TD Run – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Milan Yadav

I haven’t been this early in a while

Billy Bob

“But but but it’s the system why QBs play well in New England” Brissett proving all those idiots wrong

    Huguens Pierre

    Billy Bob jimmy g too

I'm Glad My Fans Are So Dumb

I think “system quarterback” is such a pathetic lazy argument to make against a quarterback. Haters, yall gotta come up with something new; something not lazy and pathetic.


He is so underrated


espnsport.us/Indianapolis-Colts-vs-Kansas-City-Chiefs.php?NFL-Colts-vs-Chiefs-Live 🦅🦅🦅 🏈

    Kyle Broflovski criticizes the joke

    why the eagle emojis tho lol

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

Rootin for the Colts ! Coming from a Raiders fan 💃

Steph S.

KFC Chefs

Miles Robinson

Chiefs whopping the Colts!

    Turrell Ford

    L Tie game


    you sure tho?

    Caden Hamilton

    Aaand they lost lmao

    Travis Catero

    Miles Robinson 👀

    Brandon J. Flores


john andel

Lets go chiefs!!!

bruce lau

Truly so underrated he is

Charles Han

Luck vs Mahomes would’ve been so good to see

    Charlie G

    Charles Han We did see it in the playoffs

Aaron Rodgers

Jacoby Biscuit

    Dr Swagalicious


    Aaron Rodgers

    Dr Swagalicious hah


    Jacoby Winner

    Anthony Medley

    Half of our good players were hurt come on people


I think Andrew Luck actually saved the Colts cos maybe he knew Jacoby would become a stud

Andres Mena

go chiefs

BenFrank OG

Jimmer Fredette looked ok tonight.

1 BlackAnt

@Mike Roberts cry me a river lol

Dr Swagalicious

JaGOATby Brissett


    Nah marigoata

Duncan Pinderhughes

The Patriots didn’t draft him for nothing.

    David Kolb

    Well, for the Patriots, kinda. More like, the Colts didn’t get him for nothing…

Steven Coppess

Good game plan run the ball keek homes on the side lines. Trust me homes don’t need legs to hurt you

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