Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Denver Broncos Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Fingering Things Reply

Minshew will score 1000 touchdowns, bet on it

ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

I got Broncos at home. 19-17

    Swagsonville Reply

    ThatOneGuy 123 Good luck. Let’s hope is a good one.

    ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

    Swagsonville good luck. Hopefully you do win. I’m liking Minshew. I’m just not quite ready to join mustache mania but if your team can go to Denver and win that’s would be big especially to go 2-2 back to .500

J Stiles Reply

Jags wins this in a close one like 26-23

    Stan ezen Reply

    26–6, jaguars

    Bass Mover Reply


ThatDude Evan Reply


Landonplayz Games Reply

Jaguars 28
Broncos 14

Mari Breon Reply

Jaguars finna have a sack day on the Broncos 💯

    Jags Nation Reply

    I say 6 sacks 2 picks

James Wilson Reply

I got Denver 23-30

    Elena's Dad Reply

    30? lol

    James Wilson Reply

    Elena’s Dad I’m an idiot 23-20

Ebube Ego-Osuala Reply

Has anyone ever noticed that the Jaguars logo has a blue tongue.

    Elena's Dad Reply

    Apparently its because that Jaguar ate a panther

Brandon Caserta Reply

Jaguars 28

Broncos 9

Sean Bozeman Reply

Jags 27
Broncos 17

Doc Brown Reply

Jaguars 23
Broncos 16

Tyler Miller Reply

Give me the Jaguars in a shootout on this one

AlisaBosconovich Reply

Jags 25
Broncos 19

Jesse Williams Reply


Matthew Allen Reply

Against a tough Tennessee defense in wet conditions with no help from the running game, Minshew looked pretty damn good!

stormzzz Reply

Close game I want to say jags but I got den turning things around jax 21 den 24

Bass Mover Reply

Most likely if the jaguars can look as spectacular from their defense and offense we have a great chance 30-14

Yungin Senju Reply

This game can go either way but broncos might win

Henry Williams Reply

John Elway need to be sorry we suck we need to defend then Offense



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