Jack Lambert’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speech in 1990 | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tate the Goat


Ken Woomer

How did it take so long for JL to get into the HOF. 1990?!

    Jeff Smart

    He was a first ballot selection


    Well let’s see Ken, he retired in 1985 and you have to wait 5 years to get in after retirement so therefore in 1990 he was a FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER. Couldn’t have gotten in any faster.

    Ken Woomer

    @jw1 o you’re right. Bad math

    Ken Woomer

    He was a total.terror on the field.


    @Ken Woomer Absolutely

Edward Phillips


Paul Clark


Jeff Smart

And THAT GUY ,is the #1 reason why I LOVE THE STEELERS today!!! More than 40 yrs after 1st watching Jack lay people out, he is STILL my #1 greatest Steeler of all time!!! Thank you Mr. Lambert for all you did for the Black n Gold!

Arend Smith

Absolutely love the Steelers. From South Africa

Richard Costa

Jack Lambert was the heart of those great Steelers teams; Joe Greene was the soul.

Tristan Valdez


Rich Westlake

Hes simply the greatest linebacker in Pittsburgh history

Surg Rubin

Lambert us acting like he is a goody goody

Surg Rubin

This speech is well done – better than a politition !!!

    Robert Jones

    Best speech by any Steelers player ever

Robert Jones

American by birth. Steelers Fan by the grace of God

Gabs Camarena

Great speech comming from a guy we always saw as a Furious Beast in the field. He was smart and this display that is not only about athletics skills to be an Amazing game changer and HOF.

Jerry Shaner

And to think this man lives a measly 25 minutes away from me😂😂😂

Juan conde

Proud to be a Steeler fan and Jack Lambert is a main reason why. Go Steelers !!!!!


Favorite Steeler Ever! Let’s Go Pittsburgh!

Tyrone Calvin

My top three favorites steelers of the 70s are Jack Lambert ,Mel Blount ,Mean Joe Greene

Troy Power

The core of the greatest defense that ever played, in all of NFL history, clearly a leader and a man that the Steelers and all of their fans will always remember…impressive speech, brought back childhood memories of watching this great linebacker wreak havoc on opposing offenses, never forget.

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