J.K. Dobbins, Mark Ingram set to join Ravens against Steelers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

J.K. Dobbins, Mark Ingram set to join Ravens against Steelers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

All systems appear to be go for Wednesday's showdown between the Ravens and Steelers after multiple postponements, and Baltimore is set to return two impact players from the reserve/COVID-19 list. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL
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J.K. Dobbins, Mark Ingram set to join Ravens against Steelers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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brandon grizzard Reply

Practice? Why are we talking about practice?

    hyunsifs88 Reply

    Because that was the argument the Ravens gave. The Titans played the Bills without practicing but well…

Hoodsta Slimm Reply

Wow, those were the fastest cases of covid in history huh?!

    GoatedLuke_ Reply

    I mean it been 10 days

    Arkie Alexander Reply

    They were high risk not positive

    avery465 Reply

    @Arkie Alexander naw they were positive

    Hoodsta Slimm Reply

    @Arkie Alexander absolutely positive. The first 2 confirmed cases.

    Bowser Metalhead Reply

    I thought so. Meanwhile dotson for the Steelers has been on there for like 3 weeks or longer

Joseph Moore Reply

NFL tightening its nuise on the media huh? On the verge of an out break? We had 1 player test positive and a coach. Every one else was contact trace. Before that we had 1 player test positive.

Where’s the Ravens punishment? Steelers, Broncos, and everyone else has been inconvenienced and or punished. How crazy

Johnny Pastrana Reply

Brandon Williams is back too…

    Josh Lynch Reply

    Nah, he’s out with an ankle injury.

sons of liberty Reply

BS, as usual, bal crys until they get something. Harbaugh said his wr got a shoulder to the head in the endzone, if it would have been called it would have been monumental. What a jag. If he would have kept his mouth shut until he look at the film he would have seen that minka had position, he beat the wr to the spot of the ball and the rec was the one who initiated contact. I’d hate to be bal tomorrow when they’re playing a bunch of pissed of guys.

sons of liberty Reply

Tomlin chewed their asses out for it. He said they vented and now it’s over. They should have played last Thursday.

ethanak123 Reply

Crazy how they rescheduled it long enough to get two of their best players even though two more people tested positive today?? I’m guessing the Steelers are gonna have a major COVID outbreak by their next game or 2 bc of the ravens so get ready for more fuckery

Brent Vee Reply

This dude lost his mind

Greg Hill Reply

These analyst act like Baltimore didn’t do anything wrong and the NFL didn’t hold the game back until the Ravens can get some players back

ghosttowntomato Reply

“This can happen to anyone”…ummmmm…Raven’s staff openly and consistently disobeyed pandemic protocols. Yet they are suddenly the victims? Wtf??

Josh Armour Reply

How convenient.. you think the players “not wanting to play” wasn’t calculated knowing just 1 more day would get more players back? Come on man!! they shouldn’t be available to play tomorrow if they weren’t available to play today..I mean they didn’t get a practice in before the game right?

Brian Kiggans Reply

John I’m a Cry baby hairball

Robert Simmons Reply

The league pushed it off till they got players back. Its plain to see. R G is a pos

M L Reply

Why would the NFL put a game on in afternoon on Wednesday? Especially during these times give us something to watch in the evening!

Bowser Metalhead Reply

They didn’t wanna play because they didn’t have dobbins and Ingram. If they could they would push it to the point they get Lamar back

Ed Young Reply

Isn’t that just convenient for the Ravens

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal Reply

When did Hillary Clinton start reporting on football?

    Steelers stairway To seven Reply


    LucaD412 Reply


Michael O'Malley Reply

None of these infected players should be allowed to play. This is bull. Total bull.

Wyatt Hume Reply

Yea how are they back before 14 days?

denigster Reply

the nfl always finds a way to look more stupid

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