J.J. Watt’s Daily Routine | Texans 360 | Houston Texans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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John Whitehead Reply

No lie the thumb nail of j.j watt looked like Jake Paul

Richard Gutierrez Reply


SoporificAlloy 1 Reply

JJ swatt

James Moreno Reply

Go jjwatt

Tim Ryan Reply

Fire O’Brien!!!

texasmade 3783 Reply

Its sad to see that jj watt is not going to be with us because he going to be a free agent

    Tim Ryan Reply

    He deserves better than O’Brien.

    Ivan Ray Anguiano Reply

    Let’s be honest, he also might be one injury away from retirement

MEG 17 Reply

Join Meg force 1

Mr. Pap1 Reply

They just want him to stay

The Will It Formula Reply

Cool to see what it takes to be in the NFL

Doniwadi Jemi Reply


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