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Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers have alot in common.

Both have the same first name.
Both share the same birthday.
Both play for the Packers.
Both are owners of the Dallas Cowboys.

    T Wik

    Packers suck


    T Wik aw is someone upset that their little cowgirl team has had to face real teams now instead of more teams like the dolphins giants and redskins

    Will Gomes

    They share birthdays?

    another good ol king yeet

    @KernelSandersonz your right cowboys are just pretenders, they just need the easy pickings.

    Deshawn Allen

    @Will Gomes

    Yes they do

Greytness _

1:32 My boy Jimmy serving pancakes for dinner


    on meeeee

    Banquet Meal

    @Sir Robin of Camelot Jimmys been blocking great this year.

    Sir Robin of Camelot

    @Banquet Meal Not from what I’ve seen. There was literally a replay of him a week ago letting someone who was clearly his assignment basically run free at Rodgers. Looked like a small WR trying to block Khalil Mack.

    Banquet Meal

    @Sir Robin of Camelot One bad block. It happens. Him and Marcedes Lewis have been doing a good job in the 2 TE sets for the most part.

    Antonio Sibrian

    And (#89) Marcedes Lewis @2:42

philly_ sports

Thank you so much Packers for this humiliation and humbling of one of the most unlikable organizations in all of sports. We all owe you a salute.

    Lucien Hicks

    @ShrekLiveActionMovie420 but no one sucks like the Dallas Cowboys.

    Bill Woo

    I only know one petty (and sometimes violent) sports city in the whole continent – Philly. Even the thugs of the Raiders probably agree. That the Eagles stadium requires its own police station is only a symptom of what is common knowledge to the league and the world.
    You guys are sickos. Unlike ANYone else. Even uncivilized New Yorkers. Unlike anyone.
    P.S. Dallas doesn’t give two shits about you, either way. They dwell on bigger goals than petty hating. That’s the team AND its fans.

    Logan Schroeder

    philly_ sports Go Bucks

nate 1914

Why didn’t Zeke dominate if he’s one of the top running backs in the NFL?


    Lucien Hicks

    Zeke is a C+ at best

    nate 1914

    Zeke can’t run if his offensive line doesn’t give him the holes to run through

    jj dub

    Cause he overrated

Bronze Solomon

Is it just me or does Dallas look like they have no faith in their running game

    Throw away

    They had to abandon the run early because Packer’s went up 14-0 quick

    Luis Laureano

    @Throw away Yeah, we went up real quick on em. They couldn’t afford to slow the game down with the run. Had to jump back in it quick.

Top Opp John

He’s slowly making his name loud soon b top 5 or top 10 back in the league

    Nick Green

    just needs to stay healthy, it’s been his issue. he’s been electric when on the field but has serious injury issues.

    Slim Brady

    Top 10 maybe. Biggest thing holding him back is his size; he has trouble with pass protection because he’s a little on small the small side so it limits how often they can have him on the field. Durability is questionable because of his size as well. He’s got some of the best vision in the NFL right now tho.

    Green N Gold 4 Life

    @Slim Brady He has had no trouble with pass protection. Not since he was a rookie. He was fantastic last year, been fantastic this year in limited work. He doesn’t belong pass blocking though, cause he is such a threat as a pass catcher.

    Slim Brady

    @Green N Gold 4 Life He said he’s trying to get bigger because pass protection is his weak point. He needs to be good at pass protection, regardless of how good he is as a reciever, because sometimes they’ll get to the line and Rodgers will change up the protection if he doesn’t like what he sees from the defense.

    Green N Gold 4 Life

    @Slim BradyHe could probably bulk up more to hold up better over a full season, but his pass protection has been good. Been good for a little while. Just ask Harrison Smith….

Trombone Kingdom

I have Aaron Jones, Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp, and DJ Chark in fantasy. My opponent didn’t stand a chance this week 😂

    Wabi Sabi

    @Gamer14031 Studios a 10 man league

    Gamer14031 Studios

    Wabi Sabi I play in a ppr ESPN league

    Wabi Sabi

    @Gamer14031 Studios thats nice I play with 9 other friends

    HEY its ALEX

    I had kupp and jones


    Nice! I just have Jones from that list, but I have Chubb tonight! Hopefully he does what he did last week lol!

Joe Jackson

1:09 Yes!!, This is your house sir 😂😂


2:46 Aaron Jones waving LOL

    Will Gomes

    @Karen Hardie Still, whoever it was, if they’re right then that is some serious BS but if they’re wrong then I want whatever they’re smoking lol

    Darryl Wright

    @Karen Hardie probably something along the lines of taunting.

    Karen Hardie

    @Darryl Wright Taunting makes sense. I was surprised to hear the commentator say that. Think it was on ESPN.

    Mike Hunt

    @Darryl Wright it’s exactly what it is and no excessive celebration. Those rules and the pass interference + roughing the passers are also frustrating.

Finn Heimbold

He made Leighton vander-esch look silly all day long

    Slim Brady

    Seriously. Everytime you looked up he was breaking dude’s ankles lol

    Shade InMoney

    Dude lookin like he havin a sophomore slump already


    And Byron Jones.


Wow what a overrated team the cowgirls are.

Aaron Rodgers

1:36 Graham can block! Woah, nasty.

jimmy delgado

It is not too late in the season to hire a new coach JERRY.



    Beto Garcia


    Texas Fins

    Elchuco strong (915)strong!


    Lol he from El Paso? What the hell..

    Beto Garcia

    @barcelonadgreates wasnt born here…his dad was stationed here at ft bliss…he went to school here…utep

    Chris Alcantar

    @barcelonadgreates he went to ross then to burges and then to utep hes pretty much from el paso i remember i saw him last year at college dropout around new years

Isaac Schier

1:05 We see aaron jones through up the 915 with his hands representing the area code of EL PASO TEXAS lets gooooo babyyy reprsent the city i was born and raised. Aaron jones when to my school btw Burges.

    Herb Bees

    Shut up


Aaron Jones was in Dallas and said this is my house. And the score sure sealed the deal.

Hunter F

Anyone here after he popped off on your fantasy team😂

    Purple Stingray

    I traded for him just before this game

    Liam Regan

    Buddy I got fuller and breida on the bench 😂 coulda scored 225+

    Dave F



    Yup! Watching all of his 45.2 fantasy points he gave me which helped me be the high scorer in my league this week!


Aaron Jones just showed Zeke who the better running back is

    Mike Hunt

    @Bill Woo jones literally waving on way to TD. They’ve all got huge egos. 2:46

    Bill Woo

    ​@Mike Hunt Is Mike Hunt here? Is Mike Hunt here? Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?

    Ditch 79

    Bill Woo No but I’ve seen Joe around


    Mike Hunt Aaron Jones is a pretty humble guy


2:00 How does Aaron Jones only get 1 carry on the 1yd line. Smh could’ve been his 5th TD

    Daniel Miller

    I noticed that too 🙁

    DeerSlayer 2317


    Bryan Chisholm

    Awh this killed me.. I’m too greedy in fantasy.. but they should’ve at least gave him on more carry right there 🙄


    Bryan Chisholm Agreed, they did the same thing last week. Aaron Jones is a beast. 5 TDS would’ve been crazy tho lol


    Same as last week. On the 1 yard line, didn’t run it a single time. Did play action each play and they didn’t score a touchdown! They lost because of it too.


Aaron Jones saves my fantasy this week

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