‘It’s going to be a CONSTANT process for us’ | Falcons QB Matt Ryan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nick bagnulo

Give him an o line and DEFENSE and watch out

Jairo Villanos

MVP will get that title this year bet

Rogal Dorn

matt doesn’t get the respect he deserves, best quarterback we’ve had.

    I hate the devil

    @Teddy Bear he sucks ..no respect for Matt

    Teddy Bear

    Rogal Dorn sorry as matt Ryan he sucks and falcons sucks

    Teddy Bear

    GGG sorry as matt Ryan sucks and falcons sucks they going win 3 games this year matt sucks

    I hate the devil

    @Teddy Bear he quiet now bro..lol lol

    Teddy Bear

    I hate the devil i know bro i told him


I hope our O line holds up against the Vikings pass rush. 3 of them are going to play their first NFL game.

Dv Zhao

Got ranked 69, so 6*9=SB 54

Jay Manning

Let’s hope they protect our General this weekend

Byron Jones

1-0 Let’s go Matt!

Mr Spizite

You seen it here first 🥶

dwayne austin

The Only thing I’m concerned about is our O Line….if they can hold against pressure and open up some holes for Devonta Freeman, as well as Freeman and CO picking up extra runners during blitzes, we will be fine. We have the best receiving core in the NFL, Matt just needs time to go through his progressions. RISE UP FALCON NATION!

    Dexter Jackson

    They suppose to fixed the O line i thought!!!!! Can’t keep being excuses alll the time sometimes u have to step up !!!!

    Dexter Jackson

    Everybody was excited because we were getting a O line for Matt in draft but now everbody is concerned about the O line!!! Sometime the QB gotta get rid of the ball and not hold it and get sacked and lose 10 yards

    jr milovale

    AGREED NO EXCUSE ———————————————–

Anthony Wright

That’s my quarterback!! We will run the football extremely well with our talented RB’s just watch….

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

This year Matt gonna take back his respect in this league


Road To Super Bowl. Begins Sunday. Let’s Do This Falcons.

Michael Anthony

I feel like people are really underestimating this team..

    L Capitan

    They always are because of inconsistencies but the biggest part is they fear that once we’re really in sync we’re Dangerous! This is the year where we make them face those fears! #WeWillRiseUP #SB54 #Miami hold our beer 🔴⚫🏈

Julio J

“That’s my QB”
*insert T.O GIF*

lamont lovett

Falcons bring that damn trophy home. GET FN SET

    Teddy Bear

    lamont lovett falcons are going ;to win about 7 games

    lamont lovett

    @Teddy Bear you need coffee huh

Trill Savage

Well espn prediction said they gonna be 9-7 but we’ll have to see huh 🤷‍♂️

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

Ice is too good not to have a ring… c’mon Falcons, let’s get 1 for Matt and Julio before they ride off into the sunset… it would be very disappointing otherwise 😢

John Smith

With a D-line like the Vikings hungry for sacks, Falcons need to strike for a couple of timely screen plays in this game

Cliff Hopkins

Translation: I’m worried about our offense line

Good Looking Honkey

It’s always a constant fluk up with you. Please leave our team, cuz we need a real qb…..that can actually play.

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