It’s GAMEDAY in Indianapolis: Falcons vs Colts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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momo is real Reply


I'm That Guy Eddie Reply

40 Likes and the Falcons will win Tomorrow 😁
(Edit) wow thx guys for the likes

    Pepper 526 Reply

    Below 20 the falcons blow them out

    I'm That Guy Eddie Reply

    @Pepper 526 true lol

    Matty Ghost Reply

    Bro I wanted to thumbs up that 1,000 times

    James Smith Reply

    Almost there

    Brandon Pardo Reply

    Omg, I was the 40th like😃

Braden Engelhardt Reply

Tommorow we shall grab a dub and take advantage of the nfc south crisis.
Rise up!

    Jack Martian Reply

    It may sound strange, but I don’t want an advantage. I want a challenge and a well earned first place.

    Nahiem Freeman Reply

    Braden Engelhardt we was gon take the division even with brees and cam healthy 🤷‍♂️

    Nahiem Freeman Reply

    Jack Martian don’t worry dude we was gon win either way the division is ours even if they was healthy

Jaylen-Ree Wilson Reply

I really , really , hope the Falcons win tommorow.

    malcolm x Reply

    Me too man

Charles Robinson Reply

We better be 1st in the NFC South after this game

    Pok'e Gaming Reply

    Charles Robinson We just need the Win and The Bucs lose to the Giants

malcolm x Reply

No more interceptions matt

Playboi Mally Reply

Why is Matt Ryan low key one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time statistically, and everyone says he is trash??

    Large Southern Load Reply

    @ATL 1 If he truly had a great offensive line that gave him enough time he would truly shine all the time!

    Lyndell Chambers Reply

    zac hannaman and no! We are talking about this year, where damn near ALL of his ints where his fault.

    Slxtt_YT Reply

    I think Matt Ryan is good but he just makes terrible reads sometimes.

    ATL 1 Reply

    @Large Southern Load he can’t have it all. He doesn’t need a great offensive line in order to check the ball down.

Review That Reply

lets gooo 15-1

Luke Skywalker 420 Reply

Should be a great game. Let’s handle business. RISE UP! #InBrotherhood

zac hannaman Reply

Tbh the Falcon fan base is making me really not enjoy being a Falcons fan as much anymore. We are so ungrateful to the QB that has brought us the most winning times in franchise history. When Matt is gone and we have a garbage QB that can’t complete passes they will understand how entitled and privileged they were.

Gary Turbo Reply

Dont screw this up Philly boy

deklined Reply

Y’all postin at midnight wtf

lamont lovett Reply

Just hope They stay healty and just play football and get this win.

ZukoDaPrince Channel Reply

Brotherhood Lets Go To Work In Indy 💪🏼🔴⚪️⚫️🦅🏈!

NI5HU A. Reply

Braves won the division, United won and clinched playoffs, Dawgs won a big game. don’t mess up our weekend ok?

Willie The Fox Reply

NFL people are saying we are gonna lose let’s prove them wrong

3721 Pesos Reply

Protect the ball and play good defense and this should be a big fat W

Isaiah FromdaA Reply

As long as our offense stays on the field we’re good.🖤💔

ObliviousMuch Reply

Damn, these flags are killing us.

John Smith Reply

3rd redzone interception by former MVP Ryan while Colts young QB didn’t turn the ball over. That’ll do it

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