“It’s been a fun two games” | Ed Oliver Joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“It’s been a fun two games” | Ed Oliver Joins One Bills Live

DT joined on September 18, 2019 where he discussed playing in his first two games, his contributions to the defense, looking up to Kyle Williams as his “cheat code” and preparing for Sunday’s home opener against the Bengals.

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astro ivro

He’s a beast

Peter Wysochanski

Bosa, Williams then Oliver. Bill’s got a steal!
Like Edmonds, the last games of the season will show what a good pick Oliver was. From Houston to NFL is a big step as was coming from Wyoming of Allen. They both get an extra year to show their potential. What he does frees up others to get the sacks. We see the double team and we know he’s doing the job.

Jarro Harris

The beast has spoken. Go Bills

ll S N A R L ll

I heard him on the radio & he said something that made me go.. now fat dareus never wudve said that… about staying out of trouble…

Mike Daly

It’s hard not to like this guy!

Diego Fuego


Ike James

He needs number #99 ! He would look so much scarier….

    The Way

    91 is a good #..


    I rolled my eyes when Harrison chose #99 last year

papa smurf



He’s a good pick up


Why he look pissed at the end lol


Love his personality

Brandon Ohara

Dude is an animal!! 💪💯

Thomas Gibson

I can’t believe you guys didn’t ask Ed about dropping back in coverage like a linebacker in Giants game

Steven J. Trump 2020

The Bills are going to absolutely destroy Cincinnati… They simply do not have a chance!

Also Erie County is it Democrat infested pigsty… That’s why I am voting Trump 2020… And f*** off to all you left-Wing, lunatic haters.

Paul C Bentley

Stay Healthy Go Bills

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