“It Was A Huge Team Win” | Jordan Poyer Joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“It Was A Huge Team Win” | Jordan Poyer Joins One Bills Live

S joined One Live where he discussed the ’s role in yesterday’s 17-16 win over the Jets in the season opener. He also talked about fighting through adversity in the comeback and the leadership on the field from QB Josh Allen.

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Dude killed it, defensive mvp for me week 1


You know, you know and I know

Michael Bell Jr

Poyer and Edmunds were in on everything that moved…

    Mike Jones

    Andrew Colvin and Tre White! They wouldn’t throw anywhere near him. And probably for good reason…

    Andrew Colvin

    @Mike Jones Johnson started off on the wrong foot and made a monster play. Wallace saved a huge play. Yea you’re right white had a quiet day which is a good thing. He wasn’t challenged as they didn’t throw it his way. Good point my friend

scott devereaux

Jordan the 🐐

heck cee

Love Poyer and Hyde,talented and humble.

    Brian Mucha

    Both are great players!

Brian Mucha

Poyer is my favorite Buffalo Bill! Has won us many games!!!!!

    Alfred Jones

    Brian Mucha underrated safety 4real

Andrew Colvin

My wife kept giving me looks when I kept yelling there he is Mr reliable when poyer kept making plays.

Dennis B

I remember when Buffalo signed him i thought. “Unhh maybe he’ll be decent.”
Poyer’s been awesome!

C.L. Cowart

I love my guy Poyer but why does he seem…uh, like, you know, really high??? 😂

    Jacob Buckman

    I hope so, weed is really important for keeping inflammation down and letting you heal in between games. Whatever he needs to do to stay healthy I am game.

    C.L. Cowart

    Jacob Buckman I hear ya


Awesome interview – Go Bills!

Timothy Sherry

Let’s go buffalo 💯💪💯💪💯💯💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

Tony Scar

Poyer and Hyde are the best safety tandem in the nfl. Change my mind.

    Ziggy Fierro

    Most underrated for sure! Go Bills

Stealthbomb Smith

Les was a part of that ’85 Bears defense, he knows all about making life miserable for a QB.

Ziggy Fierro

Can we comment on the production of this program? This is a great looking show!

    creezbee 843

    True dat.

Harlan HOG York

What a game poyer had

creezbee 843

Poyer is the perfect kind of cool off and on the field. One Bills

Big Dick

It’s amazing watching Ed Oliver bull rush his opponent sometimes.
He basically lifts them right off the ground.

J Adrian

Poyer The Destroyer

Trevor cox Cox

Good Job Buffalo… defense was lights out

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