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Mohamed Kanneh Reply

The players have already felt a difference between him and Quinn.. We better beat the Vikings tmrw RISE UP


    Unlike Quinn, Raheem actually backs up his speeches with action. I’m definitely expecting to see a difference more dominant team come tomorrow.


Im glad you’re turning these guys into men. After five years of soft fan Quinn training, I’m very excited to see your new falcons on the field

Chris Sykes 4220 Reply

It’s still unreal that Vaughn gone.

Nick bagnulo Reply

Ulbrich and MORRIS are calling the D
6-2 in 2019

Charles Marler Reply

Dirk needs to go Raheem!

Boss Supreme Reply

Raheem I love your energy and focus.

Godzilla Reply

I really like his savage attitude

    diesle hardeman Reply

    @mellow were u aware that he only called 1 down (3rd) on defense? Ulbrich called 1st & 2nd. Which I thought was very dumb on behalf of head coach

    mellow Reply

    @diesle hardeman that was the back end of LAST season. So yes I was aware of that. So now that you being aware of that as well we can both agree that Ulbrich put him in favorable 3rd down situations a lot of times

    Tony Fedor Reply

    Nice profile pic Godzilla ! 😎👍

    Commit Die Reply

    @mellow well luckily he doesn’t call plays anymore

Joseph Mestas Reply

I love this guy but you’re wrong about Koetter. Just because a dude has been in the league for a while doesn’t mean he’s good at what he does, the guy has been fired like 3 times and you need to make it a 4th. His offensive play calling is way too predictable and simply isn’t good, it’s wasting talented guys like Hayden Hurst.

    Speed falcons For life Reply

    Preech bro preech only speaking facts dirk koetter needs to go

Monolith2001 Reply

Gonna say my expectation is that this is a lost season and a new set of coaches will be running the Falcons in 2021 but I am fully onboard with Raheem’s spirit and candidness. Yeah I am buying into 1-0. #RiseUp

Dexter Vlash Reply

R.I.P Vaughn McClure. It’s damn sad man smh

Scotty Robinson Reply

Atlanta Falcons better be a totally different football team now that Quinn and Dimitroff are gone let’s get a win tomorrow let’s go!!!!

Andrew Duarte Reply

I love how everyone here keeps talking about how with quin gone our “culture” changed yet we haven’t even made it to our first game without him… talk is talk and no amount of play calling or scheme adjustments will change that it’s all about if these men are hungry and ready to compete for not 3 or 4 quarters but 5 because we’re a laughingstock and a “easy dub” for teams

Joe U Reply

Morris is the man!! Ride up Atlanta!!

diesle hardeman Reply

I love Raheems energy. Just what we needed. Looking forward to sunday.

Shea Bryant Reply

I think Raheem only saying he has a lot of confidence in Dirk when in reality that his only save n grace.

I’m pretty sure he had a conversation with Matt to call his own plays for most or all the time just to be on the safe side of things.

YMOFJamal05 Reply

Smh dang did Alison say Raheem acting like the HC now lol tried that man im pulling for u Raheem

Jason Kendrick Reply

Drop that interm and put some respect on our Coach’s name!

Pat Carter Reply

I like his attitude. I think we all liked Quinn as a guy but just like Mike Smith, he was too soft. Raheem Morris looks like he’ll be the first one in line to chew someone out.

Mas Reply

Sorry Raheem, Dirk doesn’t know what he is doing, the offense has no cohesion, identity and consistency. Disappointing 2 seasons

Dajuan Hayes Reply

I mean Raheem sounds tough but I learned over time that no matter how convincing someone sounds the results are on the field.

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