International Divisional Matchup | Bucs vs. Panthers Game Trailer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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BrutalAsBucs Reply

This Is garbage that we have to play a divisional away game… but go Bucs!

    Ryan Hellrung Reply

    I totally agree! Caroline can ve home, but we have to go to London instead of being home making it like 6 weeks in a row being on the road! Bs!

    CommanderGrub Reply

    Make all the excuses you want 😛

    BrutalAsBucs Reply

    CommanderGrub yea its an “excuse” to note that making a team travel 12 hrs to a neutral location is an unfair advantage in a divisional game… I guess Vegas determining -3 spreads on pickems including homefield advantage is just meaningless right??

    silentfox12 Reply

    @CommanderGrub you cant deny the Bucs schedule was garbage.

Edward Kitchens Reply

Lets Go Bucs We Got to Have this One 💪 🏈

Bucs Die Hards Reply


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