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Deathevokation Reply

Dumbest first round pick in recent history, and it was obvious from the moment Charlton got picked.

    j reid Reply

    You forgot about Morris Claiborne 🤣🤣🤣

    Kenneth Harrison Reply

    Bobby Carpenter was another

Tony Hernandez Reply

C’mon we couldn’t at least get a bag of Chips or a Chocolate Chip Cookie.

    SaulBadd Reply

    Maybe a bag of wore out jockstraps.

    Ricardo F Reply

    All we got was a sucker!

    Honor Emeritus Reply

    “we” 😂

Adrian Gonzalez Reply

Never forget we chose Taco over TJ Watt… As far as Taco goes, it’s crazy that you make millions and yet you have a lazy work ethic 🙄

    Philip DuBeau Reply

    @M Gates what a dumbass loser

    John Mathis Reply

    It sucks that you can’t have a difference of opinion about football without someone disrespecting a person so ignorantly. It’s football man! If it gets you to the point of anger and having to cuss someone out, what’s the point. Not only that, we’re all COWBOYS fans.


    @First Name Last Name


    M. A G. A.!!!!!!!!!
    Board the……..

    Honor Emeritus Reply

    “we” 😆

J. Mc Reply

Good riddance. The guy was an obvious bust. I remember when they picked him and that silly look on his face. I knew then he’d be a bust. He got outplayed by guys coming off the street. Shameful.

    Michael Skyline Reply

    Im not going to lie when he got picked he looked like he didn’t want to be picked by Dallas……He had no excitement in him….But is just my opinion though…

True Gooner Reply

If you looked at his tape, at his production and then the reports coming out about his work ethic… I never got why we selected him. Glad we let him go, but we really missed out on some top talent that was right there for us and worse, our scouts suggested strongly. Don’t know who made the Taco pick over scouts and the board… but hope they learn.

    Kevin Porter Reply

    It was McClays board! Maybe Garrett, Marinelli’s not that vocal or demonstrative (IMO) but I don’t know either. That’s the other point, de or olb , it’s really about putting his hands in the dirt ,I mean switching Tj to de… no extra coverages to know, just get upfield and disrupt. The production wasn’t close enough to quibble.

    Kevin Porter Reply

    U were spot on about the reports that he wasn’t a hard worker, if we heard anything, they had to know more.

    Kevin Porter Reply

    I understand Bro. You’re right, that’s before Tank proving it. Definitely glad to see him leave, especially after hearing about Twitter. I can go with Coach being under a bit of pressure. Glad to find someone knowledgeable and respectful, and I hope WHOEVER it was did learn… If it wasn’t Garrett, I hope that he learned too, don’t let nobody else f&$/ with the draft board!!!

    True Gooner Reply

    @Kevin Porter LOL yup but I mean, the Cowboys have been killers in the draft. There’s no denying how well they’ve drafted, so can’t be too mad over 1 bad one.

billy heaton Reply

To be honest he was never worth a first round pick he had one good year at Michigan

    James Sweeney Reply

    agree but you see that a lot in college with players. one solid season you take that risk. sadly we knew his rookie year we did not see much upside.

    NEMoretime Reply

    If we could go back in time and select a different player it would have been nice to take Budda Baker.

lasay inchrist Reply


J JJ Reply

Worst taco ever 0/10 don’t recommend

Arthur Roberto Reply

Taco has never been a featured player since arriving and didn’t really show his skills demonstrated a normal player and nothing exceptional. I think with his release we can catch Jalen Ramsey.

M Gates Reply

They lost $5.4 Million for his guaranteed money, but will save 4.5, so there’s still an upside

    NEMoretime Reply

    Even if the cowboys kept charlton and he came off the bench and played well I couldnt see them ever picking up the 5th year option.

Linda Easley Reply

From what I’m hearing , Jerry and Stephen over road McKay and decided on Taco in the draft. McKay wanted TJ Watt .Those 2 need to stop interfering

    Kevin Porter Reply

    @Linda Easley-you’re so correct. What’s their brilliant plan when he’s tired of it, and the Texans offer him a real GM job? They don’t wanna win, just power and to control talking points!

    # Guiltless Reply


D B Reply

Well, Crawford will be back at DT. Covington, time to step up.

Kalel311 superman Reply

the cowboys should have drafted T.J Watt, they made a mistake

John Sanders Reply

The biggest bust since Bobby Carpenter period.

chargermom Reply

Best of luck Taco but if u don’t become a team player u won’t last anywhere!! Just a big bust!!

Detective J Reply

Am glad that sorry BUST! is gone now i’ll eat a few burger king tacos for joy 🙂

panda mein Reply

best for both sides he need a fresh start and Dallas needs to focus on who they are playing

Disheartened6 Reply

So does that mean they lose out on money?? Couldn’t they at least tried to trade??

Bigg B Reply

Should’ve traded up for jamal adams this guy was a bust along side Reuben foster

Moe Mitch Reply

He’s probably amazing on Tuesdays but there’s no Football on Tuesdays, soooo

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