Instant Draft Reaction: Paul, Ben Leber and Paul Charchian React to the Christian Darrisaw Selection – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Instant Draft Reaction: Paul, Ben Leber and Paul Charchian React to the Christian Darrisaw Selection

Watch as Paul Allen, Ben Leber and Paul Charchian react to the Minnesota Vikings picking T Christian Darrisaw in round one of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Huge steal and big W!!

Amaree Ellis


Look Away 999

Another steal !!

B. Smith

Why you guys putting Sauce’s take on here? I’ve seen the guy struggle to put a round peg through a square hole.

Mark M

Paul Allen is the absolute worst. Get rid of him.

    R PM

    You’d know🐭💦


    Brendan Mayhew-Great, you love Paul Allen, but having an opinion which differs from yours does not make someone a “troll.”


    @R PM Whatever that means. 🤔

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    @Brendan Mayhew He gets too cutesy, too often when calling games. He pushes it too far at times. The overly repeated words/phrases he pulls out of a thesaurus, like “mercurial,” “serendipitous” and “handled with aplomb,” gets really f’n old. If he’d just dial it back a bit he’d sound more professional and he’d probably be in line to broadcast some national radio games.

    J D

    PA is the man and he’s good at what he does. My opinion, ya’ll are entitled to yours.


OK…good…now for a real center, a guard and a QB who has the locker room…like we did in 17’…remember that 13-3 team?

Tyler Hawthorne

PA buzzin

I wanna talk to Sampson

Now we have 3 o linemen who can passblock still need another guard but it’s a great start to the draft


Leber is the man!

Christoph Kerber

Huge steal


So is Ezra Cleveland a starting guard now? Or a backup swing tackle?

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety



    @YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety Seems like he’s playing out of position with his length then, I don’t love having a 6’6″ guard.

Colandas Drennon

If Udoh steps up not only would we have bookends in tackle but also guard and a young center

Eric Larson

And to top it off we spend high draft picks on defense for them to not be good or in Jeff Gladney’s case an abuser. Wasn’t zimmer a defensive guru? Why can’t he coach up below average talent?


All I can look at is that stupid headband


With every pick after 14 I was sure he would get picked. I did not need that.

Casey James

No more excuses If Kirk Cousins can’t make the SB after this pick then FIRE EVERYONE


    He still needs a competent LG.

Allan Mack


Brad Parson

For any position. The best way to improve footwork and balance is to teach the player to skate with hockey skates and hockey drills.

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