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James Rowell

I expect a much different result against the Texans. Last week just seemed off from start.

Fun Chiefs

Guys is mahomes is limping off the field like that then throw Matt Moore in.

    Taco Mastet

    U like bob menery because I’m the one who said nice background

    Fun Chiefs

    @Taco Mastet thanks

    Fun Chiefs

    @Taco Mastet I remember that comment

    Taco Mastet

    That actually weird lol

Sean S.

I’m very disappointed on how many “Chiefs fans” are saying we’re gonna lose tomorrow.

    Tyren Crafton

    @Sean S. Tampa Hali the most underrated player in the history of the NFL imo when people talk about great defensive players his name doesn’t even get mentioned

    Sean S.

    King.K The Best yup

    Richard Bruce

    OLine is terrible and pat cant play without time. Andy always calling the bomb and the run game all starts on the Oline. Great offensive players but if you ain’t got time to throw it without getting hit EVERY DOWN! then bad things happen. So ya the chiefs will probably lose to a better Line. The battles ALWAYS start up front if you dont win those battles you dont run the ball and you dont have time to pass

    Shama Peh Ben Yah

    @Richard Bruce no defense whatsoever my Chiefs suck No Way Around It Mahomes is hurt offense is weak defense sucks losing season

Sean S.

Wow so we’re tied with having the most players that won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award? That’s friggin’ AWESOME.


    That’s interesting, and really sad that people only remember the most recent PR incidents with Chiefs players.

    Patrick Mahomes's arm

    @MewTheWild I hate when people say the chiefs do nothing but hire convicts because of the two players they’re trying to say that about and convicts.

    Shama Peh Ben Yah

    Those awards are not going to win you a football game get over it the defense sucks Mahomes is hurt the offense is weak without him no playoffs this year


Let’s go baby, were gonna wreck their D. Let’s see if they can keep up! Especially if Hill plays


O line better show up

Fleetwood Caddy Jones

I think you guys really should spread out the footage you use for the promos..alot of the same clips in every motion video..but aye im jus a fan..GO CHIEFS..LETS BOUNCE BACK ON HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Step Up Defense. Stop asking Mahomes to carry you.

Daniel Dos Santos

We got dez❤️💛


We got this boys💪❤️💛

Mike Marsh

REBOUND cheif kingdom

Sean M.

Ya great timing for Waters memories… some kind of sick joke! :-p

Patrick Mahomes's arm

Brian will probably be inducted within 5 years. He’s I think a 6 time pro bowler so for O-Linemen that’s usually 2nd or 3rd ballot depending on whose eligible

Brit Chief

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man be perfected without trials.

On to Houston


You mean to tell me we lost when Brian Waters was in the house??! 🤬

Nova Jackson SR

It’s IRONIC that us Chief fans lost to The colts who had Justin “HOUSTON” who we traded last season and coming off last weeks game we are facing “Houston” this week. I don’t feel the teams are fairly matched. I hope the Chiefs win, but without Fischer, C. Jones, Wylie, Watkins, and maybe Hill, out and I know Mahomes isn’t 100 right now. The last two games were very competitive. I hope they bounce back and win this game. Go Chiefs!!!




We need another great left guard, Erving isn’t the guy

Darceil Reed

We cant stop a pass either we might as well kept the same d from last year at least they could put pressure on the Qb

    Shama Peh Ben Yah

    Very true this yrs D is waaaaaaaay worse

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