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Retro Future 84-

Why Jerry breathing so hard?

    Retro Future 84-

    Reg Nash There’s one thing that you can always count on…. and that is always someone on YouTube or any other social media platform with a slick mouth, huh? I guess it’s easy to be the “best that you can be” anonymously behind a computer screen. You coward, I know he’s old. But not all old people breath in and out heavy like that. Always somebody with something negative to say. Shut up!

    Retro Future 84-

    AARON B Really?

    Erick Mack

    Summoning super bowl spirits, stop complaining

    Tyler Main

    @Erick Mack who complained

    Retro Future 84-

    Erick Mack complaining? Lmaooo huh?

Asat 85

This means zek is getting signed soon and playing week 1 i take it right ???cuz there giving money to a player who hasnt fully proved himself completely

    Ashlynne Shain

    Are you serious?? You must not be a real cowboys fan if you dont think jaylon smith deserves it!!! Do you know what he went through to get here?? Have you even been watching the games?? #WTF
    Zeke and dak will be next. Jaylon took a team friendly deal I predict in order for them to sign the future triplets 2.0.

    Asat 85

    Ashlynne Shain never said he didnt deserve this im comparing one player that got a contract that has only been active one full year yes hes great but from a business perspective you gotta make sure the heart and soul of your team of the last 4 years and the next 5-7 hopefully gets what he deserves first runningbacks are the punching bag of the team , if zek is not there you can cancel superbowl chances for us if jaylen is gone we still have a great shot !

    Plantbased Outdoors

    Hasn’t proved himself completely? What does that mean? Jaylon is a great person on and off the field. He was not crying and being a drama queen about his contract. He kept his mouth shut and played football. Other guys on the team should take note of Jaylon’s attitude. His contract was well deserved. As a fan of course I would like to have Zeke on the team. But I’m also ready to move on without him because he is a punk. Other guys are going to get signed and he is going to miss out on “the pie”.

    Asat 85

    Plantbased Outdoors zek and the cowboys without jaylon superbowl chance great , no zek with jaylon chances not so great all im stating jaylon is a phenomenal player but zek is the core of this team hed be my no1 priority

Ashlynne Shain

Jaylon worked his behind off for this. Hell of a man, hell of a player…well deserved!!! Now please sign Zeke, Dak, and Coop!!!! 👏 👏 👏

    Freddie Nelson

    Dam Right !!

Steven Gonzalez

This a great signing for the Cowboys 👏

Tyler Durden

This is great for the Zeke situation I think, maybe just maybe Zeke can say let’s go win a super bowl n take a small discount


    I don’t recall elliot ever saying anything about winning a super bowl.

    Emmitt smith had goals that were in line with the team being successful.

    Wanting a contract extension before j smith, d prescott and dak prescott seems selfish to me.

Chop Chop

Give these guys their pie!! Or they gon be Hangry!!

Chop Chop

Our inside linebacker depth is nuts! Sean Lee gets hurt but there’s no dropoff in productivity because Jaylon Smith and Vander-Esch are in the game! Good stuff! Glad we locked Jaylon down!


Jaylon Smith is the kind of guy you want to get pie. Not only is a phenomenal athlete, but he has a good head on his shoulders, is an inspiration and a role model.

j reid

See what being humble gets you


Did anyone else notice jaylons third eye xD

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