Inside the Rams Football Communications Team | Inside the Herd Episode 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

….The Herd aka the Mob…..


Can you get a mic so we can hear the reporters questions? Fans have been voicing this and not once has any dept/team address this issue, so much for communication and creating a false image.

Eric Underwood

The fans including this one (since 1969) want to hear the questions!


Investing $100 in a boom mic and pole, so we can hear the reporter’s questions, would improve communications between the team and their fans by ten fold.

G Capistrano

The fans have spoken… but u cant hear us like we cant hear the questions asked at all these press conferences… dont we matter???


Get well soon CLAy! 😍 Gonna miss ya. But don’t hurry back because we don’t want you to re aggravate the injury.


Can you tell him to give a mic to the reporters please?

Volaly Vosauce

As every single rams fan commented, can you PLEASE give the reporters a mic?

ken mcdade

Tell mcvay run the ball passing is great but run when you have too sheesh

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