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Jay 1600


Marton Pinter

Lets go pats nation! ❤️

Carson Fenton

Thanks you welcome christan!

MaddenMobile sansdm

Hyped abt this


Great value pick dominate DT first round grade in my opinion

brandon flores

This is one of our best draft in a while

    Jacques Maritain

    @ashton luck Sourpuss. We acquired two quality WRs in free agency.

    Tyler Playter

    @ashton luck so nkeal is our 4th WR. But you have to remember with two TE sets (as we have Henry and jonnu) there will only be 2 WRs in max, so only 2 of nkeal, meyers, agolhor, Bourne will be in at a time as we’ll mostly be running 2 TE sets, wr isn’t really a need man

    Bo Crillz

    @Tyler Playter As a former FB Player, and MASSIVE NE Fan I get where your comment is coming from, yet I have to admit for FAR too long the NE Patriots have had this mantra of “just anyone can catch a football”…

    The NE Patriots have lost FAR TOO MANY talented wide receivers because they refused to accept that the position is one wort paying out a little bit of extra $..

    TB#12 could of had at a MINIMUM two more Super Bowl wins in NE if the Patriots Organization had realized that TB took the paycuts he did with the promise/understanding??

    That the team would use the savings in cap space to give him WR weapons… After a while it was VERY clear that BB, and the NE organization believed that they could just win every year with a solid Defense, and Tom Brady’s magic!

    After the David Givens, Deion Branch, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Julian Edelman’s… The Pat’s just kind of assumed TB#12 was so legendary that he could throw TD’s to just about anyone the Pat’s gave him….

    Zach Mulligan

    Welll no players played yet but it’s looking good a receiver in the fourth would be nice

    Prestige V61

    @Bo Crillz That’s completely wrong. Bill is just bad at drafting receivers so he usually doesn’t. As for free agents, in Tom Brady’s last year he started the season with Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon on his team. Before that he had Edelman and Gronk. He also had a great defense nearly every year and it paid off in a ton of Super Bowls. The whole minimum two more Super Bowls is BS


This draft is awesome, Mac falls to us and we manage to draft a first round talent in the second 😤

    ashton luck

    and miss on all the great wrs for the 3rd year in a row

    Fluffshep Network

    @ashton luck Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jaelon Darden are both still available.

    ashton luck

    @Fluffshep Network and Bill wont daft neither of them because of his ego


    @ashton luck who knows we don’t know if there good or bad remember k Neal Harry

    Fluffshep Network

    @ashton luck You might be right. Belichick often drafts poorly, but he does tend to do well in these later rounds.

YouTube Connolly family

Last week if you told me we were going to get Mac Jones and Christian I would have probably bet $500 on that not happening. Insane


NE Roll Tide, love it !

Daniel Who?

I can’t wait for the season to start. LETS GO PATS!

Djizzle Datake8over

This is my favorite draft we did in years man..crazy ..we stacked for real

Brent Gustafson

You can hear the hurt in Bob Krafts voice at the end when he says ” we all need a strong woman in our life” . He doesnt even finish the sentence. R.I.P Myra Kraft

    Fluffshep Network

    I miss Myra Kraft. She was an amazing presence within the organization.

    Brent Gustafson

    @Fluffshep Network For real, when she died a piece of Robert Kraft went with her as well. I mean anytime you lose someone you care about it’s like a knife in the gut

    Fluffshep Network

    @Brent Gustafson Absolutely. She was also quite the philanthropist. She and Matthew Slater, in my mind, were the moral compasses of the team.

    Brent Gustafson

    @Fluffshep Network Definitely, Vince Wilfork too

    Fluffshep Network

    @Brent Gustafson For sure!

007 Meechy

we got the best interior lineman in the draft in the second round, bill is playing chess while everyone’s playing checkers


    I got another saying as well, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

Samuel Shay

Jones, Barmore and Perkins. That’s one hell of a draft

    ashton luck

    to bad we need a receiver for Jones

    Ryan M

    @ashton luck 12 personnel with agholor, meyers, henry, and smith plus harris running hard will be nice

    joe smithh

    ​@ashton luck You realize if you play 2 TE every play, you only need 2 WRs, unless you’re going empty backfield, right?

    Hayden Sousa

    @ashton luck spotted the gen z fan


    @ashton luck You’re not a real pats fan move along my guy🤣🤣


Patriot doubters last month: FIre Belichick!
Belichick today: How do you like me now?

Juan Magdaleno

Damn “Just like your teammate Mac Jones” . Bill going sicko mode !

Graeme Wallace

Kraft is a class act. CEO of a multimillion dollar company calls and takes a personal interest in his newest employee. That’s pretty cool.

Paul Miller

Man, those guys seem super Duper excited!
It’s like someone’s dog died in there.


“Does she have to keep you ln line or what” – What the hell Bob?

Roebuck Payne

I expected Bill to be like “Hi. I picked you. See you at practice.” *click*

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