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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Honestly I want to see the Patriots win another super bowl so I could tell everyone when I’m older I saw the greatest QB of all time that single handedly won 7 rings for a team making them the best franchise ever.

    Richard Morris Reply

    i don’t know about single handedly.

    Richard Morris Reply

    @GFORCE VLOGS me too, but the gap between em is huge.

    robert Holck Reply

    Single handedly lol

    Chris Williams Reply

    they should be on 8

Christopher Law Reply

Hiw does it feel to have Flash Gordon back and AB joining the best NFL franchise in history, *AWWW YEAAAHHHHH* !

    salamipitza Reply

    @The Mustard Man two sb appearances says otherwise

    The Mustard Man Reply

    @salamipitza what?

    Eric Artis Reply


    Flapjack Spaniel Reply

    @Nathan Jessip to be fair. The Pat’s are only 1 game ahead of Steelers now lifetime regular season. Pat’s 17- Steelers 16 Same amount of Lombardi Trophies 6ea. Not much to talk about.

Daniel Bunge Reply

Thats right, AB+BB+TB = SB!

    Daniel Bunge Reply

    I like it! I had a band called The Killer Bs.

    Daniel Bunge Reply

    Hell yeah!

    Michael Murphy Reply

    That is excellent. I am going to borrow that.

    Daniel Bunge Reply

    Glad you dig it!

    Miles Malone Reply

    don’t forget R A P E!

Aaron Negron Reply

It’s gonna be a helluva story.

    Coach Chris Reply

    No cursing in Patriots nation

    BIRD FLOCK Reply

    @Coach Chris shut yo dumbass up

    Ray Paramio Reply


Jesse Dell Ross Reply

This is why AB and Gordon are gonna be just fine: the culture and brotherhood in NE is second to none.

    One4All All4One Reply

    Just dont drop the soap buddy.

    drftpk Reply

    @Fizzgig Yea, Pats had control over his bad decisions in his personal life. Are the Pats his dad?

    Jonas Dauerbrenner Reply

    he might see the locker room on television, but that’s about it

    Shadow Eat Reply

    Sigh. You guys know not what speak. Please do more research or try and find a pro athlete and speak to them on a personal level. Albeit they most likely won’t be honest with you cause you’re not “on our level”. The “brotherhood”, “camaraderie”, “trust”(bs, to a certain degree). Get the true insight from a Hall of Fame athlete who won’t tell you bullshit. They know best, as I’ve been told by NBA, MLB and NFL hall of famers. Ultimately just protect your brand and have the upmost respect for your peers. It’s a fucking business like any other. You love your family not because you “have to”, but for the million reasons you can and can’t explain that goes beyond money and fame. Just as there’s people who can give two shits about their family when they stumble upon money, imagine how they’ll feel towards their “co-worker” if they achieve any greater status. …..
    Imagine all the things you were naive and ignorant about as a kid, imagine all the things you are naive and ignorant about now that your older self would say, “I was a stupid mother fucker”.

Kalinbuggs ! Reply

Am I the only person who thought AB was going to walk through the door when they said “ we have a new addition to the family” ?!?😂😂😂

    Eric Artis Reply

    Me too.

    M b Reply

    @Mark Cianfarani Lol you are sook fucking on point man i swear im glad im not alone in this world.. Ben is and has always been selfish period.. Its him first then the steelers…

    Daniel Bunge Reply

    That was my first thought, ahhh yeahhh!

    Angel Em Reply

    M b when I think of NFL ideology: they act like cheating is bad when they can use scandals to shift the power structure but they don’t give a damn. NFL cheated when they fabricated medical information on concussions to say it has no effect on players health. Patriots got caught cheating but it is safe to assume most teams do it. Saints with bounty gate that got their coach suspended… that’s fucking heinous

June Amarillo Reply

1:06 I thought Bill was introducing AB to the team. I would’ve lost my bowels 😂

    Austin Delsalto Reply

    I thought it was too until i remembered that Van Noy Missed the game because his wife was in labor so it was def that

    Just Saying Reply

    Yo me too lmao

    Pedro Hippocaus Reply

    Dcdread get ready,cause I don’t care how much he tries,a tiger can’t change his stripes and AB won’t make it a season without making it about him at some point and time

    Bumble Bee Reply

    Bill wouldn’t single out a player like that.

Pulpfiction Reply

It’s also Matthew Slater’s birthday

    No-Name Reply

    everyone else is talking about how good the patriots are going to be with antonio brown, but you are announcing someone elses birthday. I am proud of you

    Bennett Reply

    You seem like you’d be a good friend

    Pulpfiction Reply

    No-Name I know what’s going on I’m not slow I’m just just saying it’s Matthew Slater’s birthday because he’s one of my favorite players on the team

    Ian Kiprop Reply

    Fuckn love that guy

Combo king! Reply

This team is lookS SPECIAL!!! The rest of the NFL is in deep doodoo!!!👀👀👀

Sassy L Reply

You hear how a few said we could still improve after putting up numbers like that? That is how you stay in the business as long as Patsnation. Always looking to improve NEVER being content with what you have!

    sparcemoney 67 Reply

    Great comment sassy l PATS NATION LET’S GO

    Brett Dwyer Reply

    Brady n edelman said it

PimpCoop Reply

The Patriots are not just the team but they are also family. doesn’t matter if you’ve been there for one game or 20 years. Once your Patriot you’re always a Patriot

    Bumble Bee Reply

    Agreed. The best evidence is listening to any ex-Patriot talk about them currently. Randy Moss ADORES BB and Bob Kraft, same with D Woody, I could go on and on….

    PimpCoop Reply

    If it wasn’t for Robert Kraft buying the team in the 90s New England Patriots would not be in New England anymore

Ting00Ting Reply

Congrats to Kyle and his wife on their baby boy 🙂

    Angel Valle Reply

    that win was for the new baby.

unclairvoyance Reply

love that bledsoe is still around

Cynical Man-Child Reply

That Brady/Bledsoe interaction was so wholesome

    TheDieHardWWEAddict Reply

    Mentor and Successor nuff said

    C Cage Reply

    @TheDieHardWWEAddict Drew Bledsoe was Tom Brady’s Mentor.. LMAO. Yep and wrestling is real.

    Angel Em Reply

    Cynical Man-Child quarterback love

    Mason Lane Reply

    Cynical Man-Child i think alot of people forget that drew could ball.

D I 3 Y Reply

Who thought they was talking about AB when they said new additions to the family lol congrats Kyle Van Noy

Boss Boys Reply

I love how brady after bob craft said great job said I could be better and is always looking to improve! That’s why he’s great

Messier90 Reply

OMG Drew when he hugged Brady gave me flashbacks to 2001

Mike c Reply

Did the goat Brady just said he can play better 😂

Nathaniel Williams Reply

It was so cool to see Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady embrace!

    Pietro Mangione Reply

    a cute moment

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Oh yyyyeeeeaaahhhh
= that was step 1😉
Best wishes for the ” little king ” from all of us here. 👍👍

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