Inside the Locker Room: Patriots celebrate win over Jets – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sharp Shot 2

Josh Gordon👌

    miguel ornelas

    Hope he stays a patriot for the rest of his career like Gronkowski and edelman

AJ Gonzales

All I want to do in life is say… AWWWWW YEEAAAAHHHHH! with Slater ❤️

    Eman Paul

    @AJ Gonzales yeah Bill’s are looking good but sorry not sorry 38-21 PAT’S WIN

    Mike Bell

    Eman Paul …yea man played out. Sorta like the way you cling onto grown men you don’t even know. Trying to vicariously live your life through them.


    @Mike Bell They did it the first 2 weeks you snowflake

    SC Nomad

    Eman Paul Je’su’s man, you u’se more apo’strophe’s than i’s allowed in a ‘sentence. At lea’st you got a couple right.

Rishabh Agarwal

All three layers of our defense are playing awesome. Our Linebackers are beasts, our linemen are Bears and our secondary is a pack of wolves, hunting and feasting on the prey.. let’s go Pats..

    Trill Cosby

    I respect the patriots but you fans are kinda cringey. I should make a troll channel dedicated to you guys like wings of redemption

    Eric Butler

    Imagine having a owner that is disrespectful to woman

    m c

    They haven’t played a good offense yet. Let’s see how they fair against cheifs.


I just love this “AWWWWWW YEAAH “

Alex D

Pats defense is very good, when they figure out what the offense is …. 7th
superbowl here we go. !

Blitz for six Productions

Whoooo 3-0 !!!!!! Let’s go patriots!!!!!!! I hope we can win against a tough Bills team on the road

    Walnut Mack

    The Bills are a tough out.

    Daniel Casey

    @Walnut Mack I hate to sound cocky but I don’t see the Bills winning this game.


    30 21 Pat’s vs Bills


    @Devlins10 I think both defenses are better than that. I’m predicting 24-15.


Hope Edelman’s injury isn’t too serious, great W nonetheless, now comes a great test next week, bring on the Bills!


    Brandon Harrell good to know got him on fantasy lol 😎👍

    Rickie Fowler

    wolffE_22 should slap u for brining up fantasy


    Rickie Fowler lmfao chill bro

    Miss Di R.

    Oh man my bf, Bills fan (idk how, maybe a middle child and the Cards are their team) and for the first time he feels they have a chance so he bought an Allen jersey yesterday 🤣 I can wait for Watson to return and Nkeal to start. I wonder if he has shown skills yet during camp that shows versatility to function in a surprising role.

    Miss Di R.

    Brandon Harrell oh they did? Cool. I think late last night I saw he may need a week or so to heal something torn. I haven’t checked for any updates today. Damn Squirrel went too hard for a pre-season game. Jules is fierce.


I love seeing the soft side of Bill.

    Christian Colarusso

    MrHPsauce01 it’s rare to see it even during a win

    T Z

    I bet he’ll be ruthless during film session.

    A. D.

    I hope you’re being ironic. Bill does not have a soft side.

The Goat Tom Brady

what!!!! where was our AWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHH

    Chris Allen

    Gotta have a lvl of humility because as we can see things can turn quickly. We went up 30-0 and took our foot off the gas and they scored 2 TDs in rapid succession

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom

    @Chris Allen It wasn’t because the defense got lazy. It wasn’t cause Brady or the first stringers got lazy. So I’m not sweating a few rookie mistakes.

    Paul Fearon

    Jarred Shores lololol. There is s high chance you could be right


    The Goat Tom Brady how do we feel about being 3-0

    Josh Hamilton

    Chris Allen back up threw a pick six and a td off a muffled punt. 2 rookie mistakes 🙂

Jakob Corona

Time to go and put a beating on the #BillsMafia!!!!

    Rocky Jeter Webb

    What mafia?

    Wei Yang

    Bills D is pretty badass so far

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom

    @Wei Yang They’ve allowed touchdowns against lesser teams not worried. Keep Josh in the pocket make him rush his progressions. Got 3 ints and 4 fumbles already. Pats D is going to feast.

The Dynasty Continues

Congrats on the baby boy Sweet Feet!!!

Cole Adams

I would run through a wall for Matthew Slater

    Miss Di R.

    Cole Adams good one and me too! Bruschi is my all time favorite, hence I named my dog after him but Slater is so good on and off the field I was so happy we re-signed him a few yrs ago or whenever.

    Burger King

    Eh I’m subbed to you!

Larry Bruce

So happy to have Jamie Collins back!! He sets the tone on defense.

    Etta Wing

    Solid player.



    bargain bob

    no longer a free lancer. Bill puts him in the best situation for him to succeed and it’s showing. As long as he doesnt go do his own thing like before, he will keep performing well.


    bargain bob I agree. When they shipped him to Cleveland he fell into a black hole. He’ll stay in line this time around


    NFL defensive mvp consideration? I think so

Dayvien PLAYZ

I wonder what the jets locker room sounds like 😂😂 players be like…I won my bet! I took us +22!!!

    Thomas Fletcher

    Be like ? Is that ebonics ?

    Dayvien PLAYZ

    Thomas Fletcher it be Ebonics. Correct.


Great job Josh ! He dislocated his fingers last year in a game against the Packers I think it was. Taped it up and came back. Rooting for you 10 ! On the field and in life !

    Miss Di R.

    C S was that what happened Sunday? I don’t remember any mention of what was wrong, not that they would go out of their way to share it lol. I thought it was another part of his hand or maybe his wrist at first. It was hard to see, I was watching the game on my phone because they were only showing KC and Jags ☹️ It was bad, I couldn’t even see our defense stopping Leveon until I saw the photos from the sports photographers share it online. 🤣

Forever Gooner

Our Linebackers are bruisers. Van Noy, Collins and Hightower 💪

Enzo Gorlami

Alright I guess it’s up to us…How do we feel…about a victory…against the Jets of New York?


    Aaaaaaaaawwwwww Yeahhhhhhhhh


    Aaaaaaaaawwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh!!

Kinto \》

Bill: There now is a lot of things we can do better.


    Right now it’s running the ball.

Mountain Man McRoss

Wow, an entire video without Tom Brady. What ever shall we do.



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