43 replies on “Inside the Locker Room: Patriots celebrate Divisional Round win over Chargers”

  1. it’s so cool that this billionaire is there to congratulate every single player after every game, talk about keeping team morale strong

  2. Love the unity and team morale as usual from this unit. Yup, they doubted us throughout the season, but look at us now….. #Ahhhyeahhh

  3. Seems like a very stable locker room..No bullshit no shenanigans..just football and only football..no wonder they been to 8 straight conference title games.

  4. The contrast of this locker room versus any other one in the league after the same win is an eye opener. Class. Maturity. Selflessness. Belichek has taught these men well and it shows week in and week out. When talent prepares more than the other team, and has been coached better, the opposition doesn’t have much a chance. While the world may have doubted them vs. the Chargers, they did not doubt themselves and had no reason to. Much respect and admiration from a Bengals fan.

  5. Compare this video to the lockers rooms of the Chiefs, Saints and Rams. Pats acting like it’s just another game – those other teams celebrating like it’s the Super Bowl.

  6. I wonder if the Steelers locker room is like this….if not I wish, maybe we’d be in a better place…As a die hard Steelers fan, I have no other choice but to say GO PATS!!!!!

  7. How do we FEEEELLL, about showing the world we ain’t done?


  8. @Luis Lopez those idiots crying about the culture there are just lazy fucks that want a paycheck. They’re not there to win, it’s just another job to them. That’s why they don’t like it.

  9. @brettfavreify It’s not disrespect if he and the Patriots has something to say to all the haters😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Exactly. Compare this locker room to that of the Chiefs, Saints and Rams.
    Act like you’ve been there before. Nobody has won anything yet. Two games to go.

  11. Dude they’ve won the division championships the last 8 years in a row. So it’s not a big deal to them

  12. @FIT DADDY The Steelers really had a solid reputation for a long time when it comes to the way they ran the organization and treated their players. And the consistency at the HC position + a franchise QB were w big reasons they could keep the tradition going big times have changed and it feels like they lost their identity as a franchise these past few years. It looks more obvious this year because Bell sat out the whole year, Briwn missed the most important game and the team missed the playoffs. Had the still been able to make the playoffs and gone to the AFC championship, the conversation would be different, but they did. Far from it, actually and everything was put out there for all to see. Ben is a great QB but he us not a good leader, as you said. The way he throws his teammates and coaches under the bus in his pressers and on his radio show is a bad look, unnecessary and I can I understand why guys would feel a way about it. Maybe they need a certain level of drama to operate but recent history has shown that it is not a formula for success. It is enough to keep you in the mix but if you are an organization like the Steelers, each year, your goal should not be to be in the mix, you should be competing for Championship Sunday at the very least. If they are serious about returning to their winning ways and winning tradition, we should see big changes in this off-season and I am for it. I am a Pats fan but I love football in general and I want to see every team thrive. That’s less material for the media to talk about but it’s better for everybody else.

  13. @FIT DADDY Thank you! I am flying to Boston to attend the Superbowl send-off rally in Foxborough on Sunday. I am so excited!!! #GoPats indeed 😁

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