Inside the draft room: The Falcons select Kyle Pitts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Inside the draft room: The Falcons select Kyle Pitts

Take a look inside the Falcons' draft room to see the moment Kyle Pitts is selected.

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Gaming with king loyal


Gaming with king loyal


Some Dude

I am sooooo excited for training camp

    Expo BT

    Me too

    Mr motivator


King Kel

Haters can find a new team.

    Chris Brown

    I hate the pick but still support my Falcons, is what it is.

    The IceCream Man

    King Kel they trippin We got the best show on Turf Riseup ⚫🔴⚪😊

    King Kel

    @SRH I said can… the word can is used to give a person a choice. I wouldn’t call it a “command” word so to speak. And if you didn’t comment, I wouldn’t have had a clue u didn’t like the pick. For me personally, it was Pitts or picks.


    @SRH in two years keep that same energy

    Chris Brown

    @CHRISSOFLY • In 2 years we still wont have a SB Title, so what’s your point???

Eurei Tate


Dead Prezys

… best player in the draft. Now let’s keep Matt Ryan off his bottom! I’m sure he would appreciate that!

    Tyler Elliott

    @Bryant Roscoe what he is super old

    Chris Brown

    @Robbie White Yes I did. I seen him accumulate less than 1500 yards TOTAL in 3 seasons. Its receivers who get that in 1 season. Overrated PERIOD.

    Daniel Bradley

    He’s not better than Trevor Lawrence

    Plants Health and Taste

    @Chris Brown right !!! so what makes justin not risky ???

    Chris Brown

    @Plants Health and Taste Who said he wasnt? I never even mentioned him. I felt we should’ve went OLine

Tev Sports&Gaming

Great pick now build the defense

Brian Aust

I hope they post a video of the call to KP like they have in past years!

    Bubba Gump

    They did last night

    Aden Nguyen

    @Bubba Gump where I don’t see it?

The IceCream Man

Let’s Go KP Riseup⚫🔴⚪😊

Jewell Bell

Yall better hope he live up to they hype jobs are on the line

    Willie Price

    He will

    Lord Maul

    Jobs are NOT on the line year 1. That’d be absolutely absurd.

    Jewell Bell

    @brian sanders facts

    Jewell Bell

    @Lord Maul of course not but in the future if this dont pan out they will be on the hot seat they they passed on qbs bro

    Plants Health and Taste

    @Lord Maul no one said 1yr playa , but u got to win more then lose in 3 yrs ! Justin would sit 2 of them and if u rush him out there its possible will destroy his career from the jump


Love the Pick. Take that all You Michael Vick 2.0 Fanboys And take That Justin Fields LMAO

The UndisputedQueso

Terry was feeling that lol congrats to Terry and Arthur that’s a hell of a first pick to start your careers here.

Nick bagnulo

Pitts can be like the tight end from Kansas city or the one from San Francisco by all means draft the guy Atlanta needs someone who can open up the middle an get mismatches on safeties and linebackers

Lil Dave

Great choice front office best offensive in the nfl #RiseUp


Lord please let Koramoah be available at #3 in the second round!!

The Bean

Love Author smith man! Calm but at the same time a coach that’s going ready to work! Let’s get this bread 🔥

Matt Pyke



Arthur Smith looking like he wanna say “What’s Kip doing on a boost?”

Xavier Abrokwa

I want

Daniel Bradley

New face of the Franchise!!!

Good Luck!!

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