Inside the Broncos’ locker room ahead of #DENvsGB – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Boss Tank

Am I 1st?

Boss Tank

Let’s go Broncos you got this if you go 0-3
I’ll become a raiders fan

#broncos country


    Just leave than. No room for fair weather fans in Bronco country.

    Jesse Williams

    Get the hell out of here then. Your either Broncos fan for live or your not.

    Boss Tank

    Guys guys guys it’s a joke

    Boss Tank

    Also I’m not actually going to be a raiders fan

    I wouldn’t not be a Broncos fan

CA Sports

Let’s get the win today #BroncosCounty 👊👊

Andrew Shute

Here we go denver

Chris Diaz

Hope we get this dub

Avi Patel

Let’s get this dub #BroncosCountry

Cartman Power

Destruction or showdown. Packers still win.

Jeff Wingham

Not as long as Elway is around. One stupid decision after another.

    J T

    I’m glad someone else seed this too


If we play to our potential today we’re going to come out with a W and show the NFL what we’re really about.

Mr. Castles

Broncos have always been a slow starting team… Just wait for it! Underdogs always on top
Lets Go Broncos!

    Javier Duran

    Wdym we havent lost our first games in a while, buuuttt i like the slow start more than winning 4 games then losing 8 and not making playoffs

    Mr. Castles

    I agree, but even when we win our first 4 cause that’s what we’re used to, they are always nail bitters and our offense or defense warming up towards mid season before we dominate or mediocre wins at best. Forever a Broncos fan regardless of outcome 🙌


Noah fant needs to get some touchdowns

Joseph Malinowski

Yo enough is enough with the sloppy play we get into the red zone we better start scoring touchdowns and not field goals let me get inside the five that’s why we have Royce Freeman the power running back I’m putting the blame on Von Miller and Bradley Chubb step it up and start getting sacks you’re in a week 3 and neither one of you have sacked a quarterback Aaron Rodgers better be on his back all day stop doing the pitch to Phillip Lindsay he’s hitting the whole too fast used to hesitate look for the opening and then run he’s not doing that and last but not least Joe Flacco stock going deep you have fast and tall receivers get them the ball it’s time to pick it up this is a statement game

Binx Negale

Easy on the penalties, Offense & Defense need to get this going early today. Leys go Broncos

Jerome Schulze

38-10 greenbay..

Josh G

Lets go broncos

J World

Comeback szn starts now!!


Try not to stink up the field again.


This team is an embarrassment. Elway has no clue how to build a roster.

Terry Smith

Go Broncos!


One thing I can say this season though, the issue in Denver isn’t a QB issue anymore. I think the problem is deeper than what most Broncos fans think. And I don’t mean to come off as an a**hole, just I’ve been a Broncos fan since I was like 9 years old and I’m 34 now so I really love this team. It’s just so heart breaking to lose games, because I know Denver has a solid team with talented players eligible to win games but we just can’t for some reason? 😭

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