Inside the Broncos locker room after the Pro Football Hall of Fame game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sevy Allton

This is it right here😤🔷🔶

CA Sports

What a great win tonight #BroncosCountry 💙🧡

Broncos Stampede


Kyle Wall

Broncos Defense looking Super Bowl fifty form NFL still sleeping, well watch out we got some dogs back 💯🚫🧢

    Clickbait Jr

    Well both offenses were sluggish first game back in almost a year so they gotta get conformable

    Kyle Wall

    Clickbait Jr yes I completely agree , I’m just excited to see Broncos football and watch our defense make a few good plays , drew lock on this game in my opinion is horrible but it’s the first pre season game so I understand lol but I’m excited to here that coach fangio despite having a kidney stone was still at the game , so way better than Vj and I’m excited to see this season

    Clickbait Jr

    @Kyle Wall yeah Fangio is a beast and totally Drew Lock and learn and get better if he tries

    Kyle Wall

    Clickbait Jr Go broncos and #broncos country 🚫🧢💙🧡

Jesse Williams

That catch from Winfree was awesome.

    • Shammgod

    I uploaded it on my channel,I’m not trying to self promote,you don’t have to,I don’t want any hate

Darion Spencer


Jeff Wingham

Just keep Elway out of the way so the coaches and players can do their job.

    J T

    I think he’s on a relatively short leash going forward. I agree 100 percent with you.


    J T Elway on a short leash? LOL

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Ben He should be after that stunt he pulled with lock


123, TEAM!

Drea D'lux

Lookin’ damn good under Icky Vicky. And I’m lovin’ D. Jones #93 and J. Dineen Jr. #53


    Sticky Icky Vicky. 😃

Luisanna Sotelo

Can’t wait for the real game to start!


Coach showed some toughness💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


So for Fangio is leading the league in passing

Uso Penitentiary


Winfree game winner
Demarcus Walker
Dre’Mont Jones
Khalfani Muhammed
Swarming secondary
Malik Reed
Fant’s blocking


Drew Lock
Brett Rypien
Langley’s terrible fumble on special teams
Devontae Jackson
Drops on offense and defense

I’m sure I’m missing more but those are things that stuck out to me

    Lukas K

    Hogan was a lowlight too. And Jackson aswell as Lock were put in bad situations. Inside runs with such a small back didn’t do anything for us and couldn’t keep a drive alive. I’m fine with the performance of our rookie QBs. Could’ve been better but its the first game so it was predictable. The drops have to stop tho… offense and defense. Reed,Walker and Jones were great.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Lukas K Lock has to step up in the pocket more to connect on these throws. He had 2 overthrows that would’ve been first downs but outside of that he was ok. Definitely not ready. The best throw that Rypien made all night was on the 4th down that got called back but he wasn’t good outside of that. I won’t knock them too bad because it was the first game but hopefully they get better as the preseason rolls on. Neither are ready as we see right now though.

    Cubecraft Banned

    LOL Rypien was a lowlight? You hit your head? He was by far and away the best QB out there. Looked fantastic

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Uso Penitentiary Oh he wasn’t good outside of that? So his back shoulder fade in the end zone that was dropped “wasn’t good”? His first down run wasn’t good? The other 2-3 dropped passes aren’t good? Is YouTube just where everyone that doesn’t know a thing about football gathers? 😂

Andrew Flores Zuniga

We did it 15 .10 go broncos

Ibrahim Bazzi

Khalfani muhammed really opened my eyes thought he was great

    Uso Penitentiary

    Ibrahim Bazzi hope he wins the returner job

Cubecraft Banned

Man that game ball better go to my man Rypien! Looked like a beast out there throwing TD passes

Dev Shah

He said a lot of things to learn from the game as well. Good to know he’s telling everybody straight up


It starts with clapping and by the end of the season it will be yelling at each other

Jerome Schulze

Only 37 seconds.. Wanted us to win for bowlen

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